Weekly Psychic Predictions


FROM 23-06-2017 TO 29-06-2017



Aries You feel as if you are moving along, soon after a hectic journey. It takes time for you to adjust with the environment right now. Yes, the battle is being won. A wall of protection grows to the sky. You are in a ready-made for further challenges, though tired of having just been through. Leave anxiety. Take your eyes away from, where you see now. Break the fear and enjoy the moment. Courage is the word seen on card. ‘Bitter pills may have blessed effects.’


Taurus There is determination. Inner fire doesn’t let you feel at ease, till the journey is being made. Start and see how the path opens up with new possibilities. There is an urge to conquer the world. Many have done this in one such moment like this. Unfamiliar faces may light up the journey. There are new lessons too on the way. Will they bring success in the end? Yes, for sure, the card says. push start an action mode. ‘Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.’



Gemini Money is a pivotal point, on which the world rotates. People make a beeline at the gate of opportunities and a lucky few only will have an occasional glance from the person called ‘luck’. It is a serpentine queue. A fight between reason and emotion is non-stop for the temptation to taste Adam’s apple is very high. There are satans to allure you. Make your choice and write the destiny. ‘Where there’s muck, there’s brass.’


Cancer There is satisfaction, after reaching the end of a long drawn affair. There is still a desire to learn a new area of life. You want to unravel the mysteries. At one moment you are down-to-earth. You are unpredictable at times, many would say. There is an inner urge to know more on secrets. Progress is lit up on card. Yes, you grow in a fertile background. Things are under your control. ‘He who depends on himself will attain the greatest happiness.’

:: LEO

Leo In a ‘freebie’ culture, you can’t dream of erasing the line between haves and have-nots. Advertisers heap praises on generosity. Channels will find out the root cause behind every act. The card throws some light on money sector. Yes, you will share money within your family. You will get an opportunity to indulge in charity. Do a balancing act of getting joy both in giving and taking. ‘A bit of fragrance clings to the hands that give flowers.’


Virgo Even the devil knows what is right. The problem lies in the material gain for which you turn the tables. The card asks you to call a spade a spade for it is time to play a fair game. How will you win, when you are playing with foxes, in a game of chess? Time plays hide and seek. Truth wins to everybody’s surprise. It is a welcome start for something good. ‘Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one.’


Libra The card reminds me of the poem ‘The Road not taken’. Yes, you are free to have a choice at the front. There are lessons to learn, while journeying through life as a fresher. You can neither compare nor judge. There is guidance too. Confidence will help you take the first step. The rest of the action will reflect the real you. World doesn’t change. You grow through experience. ‘A needle is not sharp at both ends.’


Scorpio Want to know, what is ahead of? The card shows how valiant you are against a cloudy sky. You are up in arms, as if the whole world will turn against you. You are standing against tradition. In a preparatory mode, you tend to ignore the personal comforts. Time runs out and tests your patience. How long will you stay with the same spirit is unknown. A mere calculations and guess works rule your world. ‘A little impatience will spoil great plans.’


Sagitarius You are in a ‘come what may’ mature mode. It seems that you have been through thick and thin. Nothing improves till date. Emotions take a back seat. Words will never pierce you. You are impervious to how people behave in the world. Many images come and go in mind. You are judging what is right for you. Be your own judge. It does bring a marvelous change. ‘A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe.’


Capricorn There is dim light in the path as if the whole earth turns misty. Uncertainty prevails. There are plans. You are not sure of the results. Fear looms large in mind of the consequences. A blurry vision may mislead you. You start with one emotion and go astray in the middle. You long for a magic mat to take you to the right spot. Get rid of the disturbing images that create tension. ‘A clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.’


Aquarius You are closing one door without knowing what is next. Many questions disturb you and you go analytical on knowing the veracity of what you do. Forget the past for the past is but the cinders of the present. There is a thud. There are jolts, while closing the past. A change will soon take place. There is hope. There are colours for sure. A new light is lit up on card. ‘Kind words can conquer.’


Pisces Creativity does need a platform to perform. There is a driving force. There is a fire to take root. Determination to pursue the goals will fetch a good result. Time will create situations for you and climb up the ladder of success. Put the dreams in a concrete form. Let them take shapes. There are hiccups while materializing them. Card assures you of accolades. A win-win situation calls you for a joy ride. ‘A good listener needs few words.’

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