Weekly Psychic Predictions

SUN SIGN PREDICTIONS (04.12.2016 - 10.12.2016)



Aries There are a thousand more to choose from, they say, if you lose one. The question is how strong you are, while going for a choice. There are no challenges. You will never go wrong. The time doesn't throw a hard phase. 'In calm water every ship has a good captain.'


Taurus It is not always right that worms are for early birds. We wonder at God's creation. We thank Him for what he does. Remember that He doesn't spoon feed you. All you have to do is to try and take what is already waiting for you. 'It is the thought that counts.'



Gemini Learn from the errors of others for you can't live long on experimenting yourself. Yes, there are mistakes. Find out what went wrong. The problem lies in the way you approach the matter. Wait, till you understand the situation. 'Best to bend while it is a twig.'


Cancer It is nice to hit two flies with one smack. There are possibilities of losing the two during the effort. How can you focus on what you do? Switch to Analytical mode. Journey through the experiences you have had and take the next step. 'Grasp all, lose all.'

:: LEO

Leo You can't blame the one, when two are found fighting. Blame games will be non-stop. There is no middle ground. It is hectic for the on lookers to say this is right or to explain the way to conduct yourself. 'It is an easy burden that another carries.'


Virgo There are phases during transformation. Caterpillars are not remembered after becoming butterflies. The past will be forgotten after enjoying the fruit of labour. There is an assurance that rainbow is not far away. 'Faith can move mountains.'


Libra Worries are the guests that catch you though you don't call for. There are sunny days. There are cloudy moons. You can't predict this is what is going to happen next. Yes, pick and choose a change that awaits you. 'Better to dam the brook than the creek.'


Scorpio You need evidence to prove your stand. How long you stay behind the curtains for collecting facts? There is a time line. The drama has already started. Be ready with the script. Your part will be spontaneous, if it comes from the heart. 'Envy is the companion of great success.'


Sagitarius The rats will dance as the cat is not seen at the close quarters. The same does happen for all of us in many occasions. There are differences which you can't tolerate. Learn to cope with them and see the difference they make. 'Away is good but at home is best.'


Capricorn In a world of fools, you are laughed at for being wise. Patience will grow thin after watching the futile efforts. It is your choice to go for a play mode. Don't lose hope the sky says. 'As the question so the answer.'


Aquarius The ad speaks of the quality of the product. The choice of words and how they are said will count more than the real value they carry. Hence we have a confusion whether to rely on words. Focus is the word being spelt in air. 'Even the Sun has got spots.'


Pisces Praise and be praised in turn, they say. It doesn't work in all circumstances. There are people who will simply ignore you as of expecting a favour. Some will accept but won't leave time to return. This week won't disappoint you, if you try. 'A gold sword opens an iron door.'

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