Weekly Psychic Predictions

SUN SIGN PREDICTIONS (15.01.2017 - 21.01.2017)



Aries Live shows on screen grab eyeballs for the way they approach problems. The same doesn’t work out well for you as you go personal about it. This week will never be stickier. Stars are well-placed. A fine weather gives a warm welcome. ‘Happiness is the key to success.’


Taurus Give a review. Share your experience with others. Yes, leave it to the choice of others, of what you went through – be it on delight or bitterness. It will never bring about any change in the climate. You will feel light at the friendly gestures. ‘A clean hand moves freely through the land.’



Gemini There are ways to have a clutter-free environment. Is it easy to be clutter-free? Any ideal method at hand could give a mind free from tension? There are ways the time says. All you have to do is to choose the best. ‘A shortcut is often a wrong cut.’


Cancer The quick, easy strategies teach us how to climb high with no personal struggle. Will they be permanent? Yes, the change will never change the way you think. Make a difference in your own fashion. ‘A stern chase is a long chase.’

:: LEO

Leo Anxiety mounts and temperature soars while standing in a queue. Delays will make you dry. Things don’t seem to assure you of a positive note on one area. The what ifs seem to slow down the smiles. Don’t lose hope, the star says. ‘All keys hang not on one girdle.’


Virgo There are chapters after chapters in the book called life. The style of narration makes all the difference. Turning points and the characters give strength. It is a testing moment to prove how smart you are. ‘A little stone may upset a large cart.’


Libra Windows may not give a full view of what goes on in the other side. Tension will only let you have a blurry vision. Change the place and direction, where you can have a freedom of expression. Find your dreams at close quarters. ‘A bold man has luck in his train.’


Scorpio Messages connect the world. It is the choice of words that keeps the relationship going round. How long will you take in finding out a comfort zone for future? Make it short by leaving out a few on the list. ‘Better a friend’s bite than an enemy’s caress?


Sagitarius Moments will freeze and you can’t step back from where you go. Blame it on time as you are left helplessly for a matter of time. Wait and wait for the wheel of fortune will find its way soon. ‘A rickety chair will not long serve as a seat.’


Capricorn Our destiny is not patterned painstakingly. Hence there are ups and downs. It is your duty to have a shock proof to what you face. Ignore the things that go against you. Welcome those who are comfortable with you. ‘A silent man’s words are not brought into court.’


Aquarius There are never-ending tales and you may call it as mega serials. Be a part of one, though you feel hectic to say ‘yes’. You do not know what your stars have in store for you. What you think as non-profitable will surprise you at the end. ‘According to his pinions the bird flies.’


Pisces Thorns will leave a mark. Delete them, if possible. Or leave it as it is not very big to cry over. Don’t give any room for doubts. They will grow tall and stay permanent, if not attended on time. ‘Break one link and the whole chain falls apart.’

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