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Aries Busy attending calls in between jo bs? Is it due to the trust for what you do? Do you feel short of time for listening to and extending a relation? It is a tight-rope walk. A few more steps ahead of to be a master of trade. Like a feather on tide, you go up and down, till acquiring perfection. Learning phase is seen on card. ‘Works have a stronger voice than words.’


Taurus The card shows an image of the one who is scared of the situation. What next is the question disturbing you right now. Everything seems to be tough for the road is new. You need to know your strength. Practice a lot on what you don’t know. The situation may be challenging in future. Don’t give up is a mantra to cling to. ‘While we draw we are drawn.’



Gemini The card chosen for you speaks of opportunities galore. They are like arrows being thrown into air. Where will they fall? Yes, your journey has already started and now you are working on dreams. The result will soon get announced. Surprises are in the offing. Don’t go curious about the destination. Don’t assess on things from the present situation. Waiting for unknown seems to fill the void in your world. ‘We sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.’


Cancer Past shrinks giving way for present, the card emphasizes on. Preparations are on for future but in the mean time there are meets and greets as usual. Can I put it this way as recollections of the past is going on right now? Time calls for extending a new relation. Go slow while nodding yes for friendship. There is ‘me’ time to enjoy soon. Satisfaction is lit up in air. ‘We conquer and are conquered in our turn.’

:: LEO

Leo It is indeed the challenges that keep the world going, says the card. Billowing clouds in the sky and the blowing wind against you mirror the way destiny rolls. Testing moments will never last, but how strong you are in walking the road you are on. The languages are incomprehensible. Faces are new. Learn and adopt new tactics. Problems will never leave you dry, sponging away the spirit to act. ‘Truth lies at the bottom of a well?’


Virgo Are you waiting for a dawn? There is a chance at arm’s length, says the card. You tend to tap imagination and soon see a poet in you. Connecting with a new or the old one not seen for these days is possible. Except a few, all your expectations will reach you soon. Emotions take root and it will find a solid foundation. ‘Venture a small fish to catch a great one.’


Libra A battle is won and brace yourself for another one, says the card. Yes, you were strong in your arguments. You couldn’t convince the other side. It is not your job, you think, to work on for other’s happiness. You are a happy lot with the present. The past doesn’t hold waters. Don’t listen to what other’s say. Write your destiny in your fashion. It is your drama. Enjoy your part. ‘A polite devil is more agreeable than a rude saint.’


Scorpio Experience has pronounced wrinkles on your face. The past has a major role to play in present and future life ahead of. You won’t go confused at the situations, however hard they may be. But the card asks you to be wise while choosing a road for the journey. Saying ‘yes’ is easier. Think twice and gather up strength before saying ‘no’. Hope you don’t stand in the middle. ‘Where there is wealth, friends abound.’


Sagitarius The long lone chase has come to an end. Emotion ruled so far to an extent of forgetting the self. Sacrifices get noticed at the end. It is time now to shake hands with those who are dear to heart. Allow brain to rule for some time now. Enjoy a new climate the card is going to offer. Bitter past will be hidden under the cloud of happiness. ‘Two eyes can see more than one.’


Capricorn ‘Busy’ is the word written on card. An opportune moment winks at you to spread the wings wide in career. It is too difficult to have your finger in too many pies. It seems to be slow. But the progress will be steady going. You need to wear an iron outfit for the criticisms from the world. Adopt a devil-may-care attitude. Find a way to unwind yourself for the stress goes beyond the limit. ‘To win a war quick takes long preparation.


Aquarius A drama reaches the climax now. All knots meet at this point. They will unfurl one after the other. Don’t get tense for all your problems will soon end up here. How long the dark sky will stay in your world? There is dawn for sure. Are you ready to bounce back? You feel as if you were drained off energy to get up and start afresh. ‘Things past can’t be recalled.’


Pisces In business, the partner is always being blamed for delays. Do a balancing act, the card says, when the situation asks for. The choppy waters on the background reflects what life has in store for you. Yes, be ready for highs and lows. Stand your ground as you are not on a slippery slope. You go unaffected by the chaos in the world behind, if you trust your instincts. Patience is the need of the hour. ‘Time flies with hasty step.’

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