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FROM 12-08-2017 TO 18-08-2017



Aries Dreams often say how healthy you are. The fight scenes are easily dealt with when your confidence level goes uptick. At times, you feel happy after waking up and give a sigh of relief that the defeat is a dream. Yes, believe in your strength. The card warns you of a wrong signal. Be ready for obstacles in the way. The positive energy will help you face the consequences. 'A dimple on the chin, the devil within.'


Taurus The keys for the puzzles will strike mind at a lonely hour. The card hits one such 'me' time. There are questions one after the other. Hope is written on card as the scene happens at a fertile backdrop. There is silence. Inner tussles seem to make waves in future. A mature approach to life is being indicated. 'Think twice before taking a plunge' fits well into the situation.



Gemini Questions are asked like arrows being driven in a fraction of a second through air. It takes hours and weeks for replies. A transition seems to hit on card. How swift they embrace you lies in the manner with which you carry out duties. Hope is written on card through the flowing river. Hurdles will never pose a threat to journey. Try and luck will gleam at you soon. 'If it is worth taking it is worth asking for.'


Cancer A dry air mirroring the seriousness involved in the scene you are in. There is no welcoming breeze. A motionless picture doesn't encourage you to take any step. You can't guess what next. Clouds, against clear sky, ask you to ignore the voice of a few if you want to survive. You can't go for a change from serious to feel light outfit for duties will press you hard to an extent of forgetting self. 'Nothing is easy to the unwilling.'

:: LEO

Leo A fruit of the labour always tastes good. The card points out one such happy moment you are in. There is abundance. There is satisfaction. You can't simply stop with this time. The journey has to start from here. There are plans to be drawn. Action scenes must follow one after the other. Gazing in on only one point at a time will tire you at the end. Go ahead with confidence, the time says. 'Self-assurance is two-thirds of success.'


Virgo Keys will lock or unlock the bad for good to life and write the destiny, says the card. Yes, what you choose will help bring a welcome change in life. A turning point is not always welcomed at for the fear of new and strange climate. What ifs create tension from within. Don't hesitate for the time line is limited. There is a chance to know your group. Believe in the best and continue. 'Waves will rise on silent water.'


Libra Exchanging vows is being indicated on card. There is warmth in air. A first step is taken for a new relation. Extending friendly gestures at a romantic back drop adds lustre to the scene. Birds sing lullabies. Sky draws rainbow and mesmerize you to forget the facts for a while. There is an exchange of fiction in the place of reality. The spirit goes uptick. Everything seems to be pretty. Unity is strength, is the message we get from here. 'A fruit bearing tree is known by its flowers.'


Scorpio Rags-to-riches stories always touch the nerves and become box office hits. A poor hero starts life as a platform-dweller but hard work within an hour on screen changes him to alight from a car owning a multi-national company. There is an unbelievable positive message. Yes, scorpios trust the card and grab the opportunity. Luck does bring miracles. Things undreamt of for long will be possible now. The world is your oyster. 'A clever hawk hides its talons.'


Sagitarius How can you straddle two worlds simultaneously, questions the card. Leave the old one for a new. The situation will snatch ties with the one that doesn't yield profit. A change is in the offing. It is uncertain whether the transition is a welcome change. There is no choice but to accept what is being given to you. Be happy that you are not left empty. Grumbling is of no avail. Things will improve for sure, though not in a hurry. 'A protruding post is hammered down.'


Capricorn In a hurry, you will tend to make mistakes. The card captures one such tension-hour, where one is busy in stealing property and finding shelter away from public eye. Yes, there are secrets to be kept. Problems may crop while hiding facts. Have a strong mind to face the consequences. Be ready for a similar tit-for-tat situations. What you do will certainly return manifolded - be it positive or negative. 'A lie has no legs but scandalous wings.'


Aquarius The card asks you to go through an emotional roller coaster. It is like rewinding the past buttons and fast forwarding it to the moment right now. There are unanswered questions. Many whys may attack you on each phase. You can't stay here for long. There is conclusion. Of course peace prevails at the end. The testing moments will never last. Satisfaction embraces to your delight. Thank the situation that brings clarity. 'Acorns compare their heights with each other.'


Pisces The card brings out the image of how an individual mourns over the losses. It is easy to ask you to divert attention from what you have lost. It is human to regret. Time is the best healer. Take your time to recuperate and rejuvenate. Losses have left many lessons. Make use of them for the future endeavour. Bounce back, they say, when you fall. How swift you recover will write the next phase. 'He that will not look forward must look behind.'

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