Weekly Psychic Predictions

SUN SIGN PREDICTIONS (23.10.2016 - 29.10.2016)



Aries It would be nice to stay busy chasing dreams. There is tension. There are of course criticisms. But the question in your world is how long is too long. Who knows the answer for your question? Yes, it is in your hands to change the scenario. ‘A good dog hunts by instinct.’


Taurus It is difficult to journey by a broken road. You need to be strong enough to adjust with it. A few will grumble over the challenges. Some know how to enjoy them. You will soon find an exit point to breath a fresh air. ‘A little man sometimes casts a long shadow.’



Gemini Pointing accusing finger at somebody is a bad practice, they say. Yet, the only game that keeps you occupied is blame-game. It is interesting as you would learn the mistakes of those who indulge in it. Grab the opportunity and prove yourself. ‘A crooked log makes a good fire.’


Cancer There are invisible fences that we often build around us unknowingly. They have both positive and negative sides. Break the mental fence, if it seems to pose a threat to your growth. Yes, be brave in facing problems. ‘It is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.’

:: LEO

Leo All stones will never make a statue. All statues will never get the same attention. There are differences. It is the difference that asks you to use it for various purposes. This week helps you make a difference. ‘A little spark shines in the dark.’


Virgo Call the tunes or have your own musical move, if there is any. Catch the eyeballs with your dance move. You can’t have your place in a day. All you have to do is to work and wait with patience, till you reach. ‘A great estate is not gotten in a few hours.’


Libra Vision changes, when you go near. You go confused at the images you dreamt of from a distance. The problem doesn’t stay in the eyes. It is in the way you run your imagination. Yes, dream high, the star says. ‘Bad charcoal only makes smoke.’


Scorpio Part two starts, as part one ends. It is difficult to make out the second without knowing the first part. Continue performing your role without any second thought. Emotions do play a major role. Have your emotions under check. ‘After rain fine weather.’


Sagitarius Ropes may help you hang in air. How long can you stay there? Time doesn’t permit you to be there for long. Enjoy the present for nobody knows when the clock strikes and drop you down. ‘Any water puts out fire.’


Capricorn ‘Go green’ placards give out a message on the importance of growing trees. There are choices in the way. It is your duty to pick and choose the right ones. A window of opportunity calls you to spread your wings and fly high. ‘Arrange your cloak as the wind blows.’


Aquarius Our brains are designed to see the negative sides of life. Tune yourself to see the positive aspects. It is said that you are what you think. Do what is being expected of you and leave the rest to the stars. ‘Autumn is the hush before winter.’


Pisces Read, watch and revel in the stories on a day-to-day basis. Yes, there are story lines and of course dramas. There are black and white magics. Grab the moment and enjoy a colourful delight soon in the close quarters. ‘At a little fountain one drinks at one’s ease.’

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