Weekly Psychic Predictions


FROM 21.05.2017 TO 27.05.2017



Aries ‘Talking serpant’ was a surprise and hence Eve couldn’t stop but listening to what he speaks. Initial doubts take a back seat, as and when there are assurances. Confidence will make you delve deep into it with no second thought. What ifs or the consequences will never strike in a hurry act. ‘Temptation’ is the word seen on card. It is a testing moment and time asks you to prove the strength. ‘Be slow in choosing, but slower in changing.’


Taurus Find out the right key and the prize is yours, they say in a live show. You can’t step back, as the prize is alluring. The competition is stiff after some initial filtering. It is a learning phase. A victory sign is obvious to eyes. Card carries encouraging signs. Hold your key and try your luck. You can’t go slow for the desire to know the secret is high in you. Apply all the skills learnt in the previous phase. ‘Leave tomorrow, till tomorrow.’



Gemini Air is filled with music. Colours light up the world. People are in a ready mode to welcome a person for his achievement. Yes, celebration seems to hit the card. The long struggle has come to an end. Leave the serious mask and enjoy the climate. How long have you been looking for this? How nice it is to be in the midst of happy faces. There is pride. There is confidence too. Success does bring changes in the way you see things around. ‘Cheerfulness smooths the road of life.’


Cancer A difference of opinion leads to heated arguments. Tempers flare. Dissatisfaction and separation seem to rule the card this week. Reason doesn’t find a room. Emotions have a great role to play. Better change the place for some time, if possible. Avoid argument. Choose your words. Don’t be in a hurry to finish off the task now. Postpone or wait, till things get resolved. There is tomorrow. ‘While there is life there is hope.’

:: LEO

Leo Raise your voice, though it doesn’t seem to make any impact on others. The endless tussle reminds you of the never-ending saga on television. Soap operas will start and re-start just on a single knot. There are many characters. ‘Hope’ is written on all the faces. They are tireless in raising slogans. Don’t give up, the card says. There is no solution. It is time to know who is who. There is uncertainty. ‘Grumbling makes the loaf no larger.’


Virgo ‘Say cheese’. Yes, flash a smile for it is time to throw parties. Splurge on clothes and gifts. Unity in umbrella identity is lit up on card. Multi-colour lights and flowers greet you for a new phase of life. Aroma lifts you to a different plain. There are congratulatory notes. Grab a dream-come-true moment. Share and enjoy the friendly air. ‘Better late thrive than never do well.’


Libra Antonio was reminded of the stormy winds at sea, while cooling soup by blowing on it. World is a mirror reflecting the mind. Both pain and pleasure take shapes. You can’t break the chains that bind you to mood swings. There are ways to de-stress. Do you have the patience to listen to what they say? If possible, why don’t’ you try this for this week. Card doesn’t carry any positive sign. ‘He who sings drives away sorrow.’


Scorpio Don’t blame the tools when time is ripe to have your choice and go at it. During half way, it is not wise to return. You are in an age of quanity vs quality. Quantity does the magic today. Quality speaks of tomorrow. Focus your attention. Continue the journey. It is a bumpy ride. There are lessons but time lifts you to perfection. There is of course a healing touch in due course. ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say.’


Sagitarius Negotiations on business dealings are seen on card. There is a star value, you attain, in addition to the titles you hold to. There are titles for those, who don't have them so far. You gain respect from those, who appreciate the charisma. There is a double delight that you can extend a relation. As partners, both of you will feel the fire in you. Don't fan the embers to a high degree. 'All's well that ends well.'


Capricorn It would be nice to read your name on the winner's list. Luck seems to smile on you. You will feel a new light. A sigh of relief, at last, after having gone through thick and thin. Dark years have taught you how to enjoy dawn. The wheel of fortune must be oiled some where. Sweet are the uses of adversity, says Shakespeare. Have a happy journey. 'Good judgment comes from experience.'


Aquarius It is innate to long for what we don't have. There are exercises to get your nose in shape. Plastic surgery helps actors have an ideal nose. Perfect eyes and perfect lips will put you in the lime light. Bring the ideal parts and fix them in a drawn face. It is a wonderful art, know. There is a wide gap between what you want and what you have. It takes time to bridge the gap. It is temporary. A change will soon catch you. 'Only desire, what you deserve.'


Pisces The clock runs fast, but you feel as if you were being fastened with chain to a tree. Time's winged chariot has been clipped. There is mystery. You can't guess on what goes behind. There are doubts. How many people are plotting against you? Do they lipsynch the words of others? How far are they reliable? What will happen, if you go by their words? There are many questions waiting for replies. 'Delay' is the word seen on card. 'Tomorrow is a new day.'

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