Weekly Psychic Predictions

SUN SIGN PREDICTIONS (26.03.2017 to 01.04.2017)



Aries Doors may not be sound proof. Shut the door in mind, if you don’t want to hear the unwanted comments from outside. There are positive factors to be proud of. Listen to what is in store for you. ‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind.’


Taurus Moles have power, a few say. It is a myth, many argue. Find out, whether the moles have power to go and grab a treasure under the custody of snakes. The time asks you to say ‘no’ to fear. ‘Whom fortune favours, the world favours.’



Gemini You go weak on knees as words have such a tremendous power to defeat the real you. Words will make you. They of course pollute the mind, if they take a u-turn. Cherry pick them while discussing. ‘The result validates the deeds.’


Cancer Excuses are for those who are afraid of action. Journey does not stop even when the road is bad. Blame it on time for a bumpy ride. It is neither wise to postpone. Grab the moment. ‘The careful foot can walk anywhere.’

:: LEO

Leo You will be restless, if you are asked to watch how people move about at the front sticking to one place for long. Yes, the queue seems to move fast but you keep standing in the same place. Will they display your number? Or is there any change in the mode of journey? ‘One joy shatters a hundred grieves.’


Virgo Stop in the middle of a journey and don’t hesitate to return, if found something forgotten. Regretting over the lost time is unnecessary. You can’t unveil the objects unless it is in the destiny. Wait till you get a nod of approval. ‘Stars are not seen by sunshine.’


Libra Return the old books. Why do you waste time re-reading the same one? Don’t you think it would be insane not to open a new book which has fresh chapters to delight you with? Yes, it is time now for shaking hands with new faces and new style of life. ‘Every fashion goes out of style.’


Scorpio The debatable issue is whether to continue what you do. It is in the mind and not in the world. An obstacle doesn’t seem to pose a threat to the journey. It does encourage you to go ahead with confidence. This week doesn’t stand as a challenge. ‘Busy’ is the word written in air. ‘The tougher the fight, the sweeter the triumph.’


Sagitarius Where will you tick between yes and no, when there is no delete option or non-committal? It is difficult to be in the world of either … or options. You need a space to express yourself. Fight for your rights, the time says. ‘Borrowed garments don’t fit well.’


Capricorn The show cased talents get a round of applause. We need a certificate of appreciation from a group of people. Many go unnoticed and there are many factors behind it. A word of approval needs a price tag. This week is a dream-come-true moment. ‘A bad rower blames the oar.’


Aquarius Attack is the best form of defence, they say. Ignore, a few say. It depends on the situation and varies from person to person. With whom you are arguing will be a deciding factor behind the choice. The stars do the job this week. ‘A little spark shines in the dark.’


Pisces We grow impatient at others problems for the burden of others seems to be easy compared to ours. How many of you hold a different opinion from what mentioned above? Soon there is a realization that you are a small picture at the bottom of a larger-than-life image. ‘A crooked log makes a good fire.’

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