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Homam    Shanthi Homam

Hinduism believes in worshipping a particular deity for a specific purpose It doesn’t simply stop with a mere invocation to the devatas. It does have an impact if the deities be pleased with the offerings through a ritual called Homam. There are different types of homams according to each specific purpose. The process starts with erecting a homa kundam, a temporary make-shift small pit in a square shape built with bricks. In this fire altar (homa kundam), the holy fire is stoked with ghee. The Vedic Brahmins chant manthras while consecrating food, clothes, grains and desired objects of the deity into the fire, which could reach Him directly is the belief of Hindus. It does stand as a remedy for the particular problem for which it is made. Here we list some of the homams and their purposes.

Ending Yagam

Maha Mrithyanjaya Homam

To get recovered from chronic illness and to drive away the evil spirit from the person’s body this homam is performed.

Danvanthri Homam

Recover from all diseases, worshipping Danvanthri

Sarvaka Roka Shanthi

To cure diseases

Ayushya Homam

Longevity and well-being will be restored by performing this homam.

Bala Graha Shanthi

To recover from Balarishtam within 17 year old. It is meant for kids life dosha.

Navagraha Homam

To get relieved from a planetary doshas, this homam is suggested.

Agni Paadam

If you are struck by thunder and lightning, do this.

Thrayambaga Homam

It relieves your crisis (gandam), disease and ancestral curse (pithru dosham) if any.

Adithya Santhi

If you need political influence or if you struggle from ancestral curse perform this.

Chandra Shanthi

To get rid of Paranoia.

Angaraha Shanthi

It helps farming to flourish. Your debts will be cleared. You get relieved of the loss of land or progeny.

Budha Shanthi

It is performed for successful education, to get amicable settlement in family disputes and to get recovered from heart ailments.

Guru Shanthi

It does fetch you hale and healthy life and multifarious goodness.

Sani Shanthi

If you can’t stay in one place and wander around restlessly, you perform this. Your problem will be solved.

Raghu Shanthi

Nightmares disturbance can be rid of by this pooja. Your fear and confused state will disappear if you do this homam.

Ketu Shanthi

Lung related ailments, wounds, long gash will be cured by this.

Thila Homam

Karma, Pithru dosham, dosham due to the torture of birds and animals or kids will be relieved.

Puthra Kameshti Yaagam

For progeny

Santhana Gopala Homam

Worship Lord Krishna to bless baby

Santhana Parameshwara Homam

Worship Lord Siva to bless baby

Mrutha Puthra Dosha Pariharam

For still born babies (baby dies in the womb) you perform this to relieve of in future.

Mrithyu Mahishi Dhanam

It relieves you of myriad kinds of illness. Buffalos are offered to others as a recovery.

Nagra Shanthi

To get relieved from the impediments in child birth.

Star Dosha Shanthi / Gomuga Shanthi

A baby placed on a winnow (or in a plate)  to see a cow’s face. Magam, Chithrai, Rohini, Poosam, Ashwini, Revathi, Ayilyam and Moolam have dosha’s to perform this.

Swarna Thenu Dhanam

Golden cow offerings could help recovering from barrenness or miscarriages during pregnancy.

Sarpa Shanthi or Naga Dosham

To recover from Naga Dosham

Boothana Vithanam

It is for kids welfare.

Sarvaarishta Shanthi

To get relieved from evil spirits haunting the house.

Vasthu Shanthi

It helps land related problems and removes negative energy.

Sudharsana Homam

To get rid of fear and to drive away evil spirits you perform this.

Shri Suktha Homam

For wealth and fame.

Kooshmanda Homam

Relieves you of all kinds of sins and curses.

Durga Shanthi

For triumph and to remove of enmity or hospitality.

Ugra Ratha Shanthi

On 60th age

Shastiaptha poorthi

Completing 60 years and on the 61st birth day

Bhimaradha Shanthi

At the age of 70 you do this for your welfare.


After 100th year finished or 80th year finished and 10th month


After birth of great grandson

Madhu Shanthi

If there are Honey combs at house, perform this.

Agni shanthi

Fire on body, dress

Prasoothi Shanthi

For birth on Amavasya (No moon day)

Nalaveshtana shanthi

Umbilical cord wrapped around a baby during delivery

Sisumaara Shanthi

For impotency recovery

Eka Nakshathra Shanthi

If father and baby are of the same star

Koorma Shanthi

If Tortoise enters into a place

Prathana Banthukkal Parikara Shanthi

Relatives meet after 12 years then

Jvara Shanthi

For Fever

Vayasa Shanthi

Crow is believed to be a symbol of Sani. If it touches or enters into a house

Valmeeka Shanthi

When termite mound appears in a house

Sahasra Bojana Vithi

The procedure to feed 1000 people

Gotha Shanthi

When Eagle entered into a house

Cyena Shanthi

When Vulture entered into a house

Garuda Shanthi

When Garuda bird entered into a house

Thithi, Nakshathra, Lagna Dosha Shanthi

Reducing the bad effects in a horoscope

Kaka Yuthma Pathana

When two crows fell

Puthra Sweekaram

Adoption method

Dhurmarana Prayachitham

For unnatural death

Dusswapna Shanthi

To be free from nightmares

Kowli Padana Shanthi

When wall-lizard fell over

Krukalaasa Shanthi

Chamaeleon fell over

Dhanishta Panchaka Shanthi

When a death occurs in Dhanishta, Sathabisha, Purvabadra, Uthrabadra, Revathi stars in a house

Geetha Thrishtup Homam & Sarathoktha Thila Homam

For incurable Nervous problems