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Meenakshi Kalyanam Hindu Alliance Matrimony offers Free Matrimonial Service for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Kerala Malayalam communities in India and Abroad. Please Register, Display profile & get suitable Alliance soon. This service is for All the Hindu Community. Profiles for Widows, Divorcees and Orphans are also welcome. We Wish you get a Good Partner. REGISTER Astrologer

:: Chennai Astrologer Par Excellence

Astrologer Yogi Astrologer Yogi - practising more than a decade. He Applies Vedic & Western Astrology Techniques. He has done Thousands of Case Studies. His Marriage Match Analysing methods are Excellent. He is conducting Astrology Classes thro SAI INSTITUTE OF ASTROLOGY. Also he is doing Numerology. Vaasthu & Feng-shui consultations.
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:: Astrology - Marriage Matching 

Thirumangalyam Thali The Hindus believe in monogamy. Nakshathra Porutham or Star Matching  and Horoscope compatibility or Jathaka Porutham  for marriage are important. There are arranged  marriages, Swayamvaram and Love Marriages. The horoscope analysis includes character study, chances of divorce or widowhood, Risk of Court Case, sexual compatibility, checking impotency, barrenness. To know how to match a horoscope   Read more Astrologer

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:: Numerology

Numerology Numerology speaks about the planetary influence on names and helps you choosing lucky numbers. The planets in a horoscope  and Numerology have a link. Combine Dasa System of Vedic Astrology and Numerology. Find your lucky numbers and check what wonders they create. Read more Astrologer

:: Vaasthu Sasthra

Beautiful Nest Be an architect of your ideal Vasthu home. Pancha Bootha, five basic elements, occupy the world. The Eight directions of Vaasthu Purusha are Indra, Yama, Varuna, Kubera, Niruthi or nairuthi, Agni, Vayu, Esanya. Chinese Feng-shui and Psychic Vaasthu spice you up. Read more Astrologer

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How to match Horoscope for marriage in Tamil

:: Astrology - Modern Women

Sports Women Doshas turn women to be tough in their battle to face challenges in their career. For modern women, the traditional way of studying horoscope doshas  will not be applicable.  See how do doshas make women successful in their life and how can we bring about a transition in the society.
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:: Venus and Mars

Lovers Do you wonder at the 'made for each other' couple? Why do the lovers say, 'we are smitten in love with each other?' It is Nature's alchemy to unite an emotional woman and a brawny man. Are the horsocopes and the planets doing wonder on the couples through Swayamvaram? What are the causes of this magical spell? Read more Astrologer

:: Cesarean Baby

Mom and Cute Baby Babies will make a family a happy home. The happiness of the couples will end up seeing the smiling face of the new born and the mounting joy comes after settling up the petty quarrels between the siblings. What is your choice? Lucky babies! Here is an auspicious time fixing portal for Cesarean delivery to write luck on your baby. Read more Astrologer

:: Karma

BrahmaAccording to Hindus, a man has to undergo incarnations. Our life may be the blessings or curses of the past life. An attempt is made to know the cause of our destiny. A chance is yours to overcome your sin. Help others and Create a Positive Aura around which is a way to lift you from the inferno you undergo.
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