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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:venkatamavula sri subramanya kumar:tanuku: [M-26/04/1982/10.10 pm/tanuku] the girl who i like will she come in my life as my life patner or not
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Possible
Question:Nitin Wagle:Nigeria: [M-14.10.1969/21:36 Pm/Karnataka Hubli] Looking For A Job Change, Will i Get another International Job working &Travelling From India & back
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - sure
Question:jayashree chakraborty:haldia: [M-16.11.1988/7.5 AM/murshidabad,west bengal] when will i get govt. job
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - Favourable period is running now
Question:Nisha yadav:Gurgaon: [F-29/08/1991/8:15 pm/Delhi] I want to ask about my marriage.life after marriage.will it be sucessful or not?
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - dull for next 5 years
Question:swaraj:Guwahati : [M-26/01/1987/4:10 pm/silchar] when will my career start I am an enterpruer and when will I GET MY WIFE.
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - after 6 months
Question:Venu:Mumbai : [M-01/01/1980/02.10 AM/Rajahmundry A.P] For our business which fields are suitable and profitable for me
Answer:Mrigasira star - Taurus moon sign - no business; try a job
Question:keerthi:hyderabad: [F-31-12-1990/03:58AM/Bhongir,Nalgonda district,Telangana state] My husband birth details dob: 14.05.1986,tob: 12 to 12:30Pm,pob: Kolanpaka,nalgonda district,telangana,india. sir which year excactly i gave birth to child??? pls tell me
Answer:Mrigasira star - Gemini moon sign - in 2019
Question:Manish Pathak:New Delhi: [M-17/12/1989/12:30Noon/New Delhi] Hi,I just want to know when I will be get a job? Is there any possibility to have a govt job if yes when it is happen? currently i'm unemployed.
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - Try govt job and the main dasa period is favourable for few years
Question:vijay:hyderabad: [M-25-05-1971/5.35 PM/nagpur maharashtra] When I will be able to change my job , which I like
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Feb 2018
Question:vibu singh:Lucknow: [M-27-09-1989/08:19 am/Munger,Bihar] when will i get married? strongest possibility in which year will it be arranged or love?
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - Guru transit to Libra will make it possible. Wait for 2 months
Question:VENKATESH:CHENNAI: [M-28-06-1977/05:01 PM/CHENNAI] I am nearing 40 years. I am not getting alliance for marraige. Is there prospect of marraige or brahmacharya yog?.
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Favourable Sukra dasa has started. Will fix marriage
Question:subathradevi:bangalore: [F-08-08-1992/09:16am/coimbatore,tamilnadu] when will I get married?
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - next year possible
Question:Sachin hiremath:banglore: [M-28-04-1992/2.30pm/Belgaum karnataka] When i will settle in my life or when i get job?
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - growth after one year
Question:karthik:Chennai: [M-07-06-1994/7:39/Salem] How will be my professional career growth
Answer:Krithika star - Aries moon sign - Slow growth
Question:Nilima:Dharampur,gujarat: [F-04-02-1994/9:31 am/Valsad, gujarat] Abhi mera brekup huaa hai. Kya hum fir sath hoge? Kya wo mujse batei karne aayega? Uska name sagar hai.or kitne din me aayega?
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Chances less; worship ganapathi for reunion
Question:Gunjan:Chandigarh: [F-25-07-1978/00:10/Simla,Himachal Pradesh] Looking for a job.what are my career prospects?
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - not favourable for 2 years
Question:Sandhya krishnan:Chullikkara,kanhangad: [F-17-10-1990/5:45 am/Kerala,kasargod] At what age i will get good job,type of job suits for me.
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - Try Govt sector
Question:vilas:maharashtra & india: [M-04/03/1963/08:35 am/mumbai] i need a job
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - not a favourable period.
Question:Annie:Jabalpur: [F-13/01/1994/19:48/Jabalpur] Will my relationship with my husband survive or divorce?
Answer:Hastham star - Capricorn moon sign - doubt for one year
Question:Santosh :Lucknow Uttar pradesh: [M-24/8/1980/lucknow/Lucknow Uttar pradrsh] never got success now what i do business or job which type..
Answer:Birth time missing. Please post again
Question:hemasruthii:tirupati: [F-08-04-1987/11:25a.m/tirupati,chittoor,andhra pradesh] about my future husband
Answer:Pushyam star - Cancer moon sign - Dosha Pariharas are required
Question:Kalia:Andhra pradesh: [M-27.01.1985/9.30 a.m/Jajpur, odisha] I am having a bad marriage. Court cases are going on though I have done wrong. Kindly tell me should I continue this marriage or I take divorce. Any remarriage is possible?
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - your period will change from Feb 2018
Question:Somonnat choudhury:Berhampur : [M-22/05/1995/2:30AM/Place of birth-Berhampur MKCG medical ,, dist-ganjam,, state-odisha] Mein aapne job hone ke baaremein jaankari karnachahhata hoon
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - you will get next month
Question:Pannir selvam:salem: [M-31/3/1989/07.30/salem] may i get government job or not
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Possible
Question:PRATIMA:PUNE: [F-23-08-1976/05:00 PM/DOMBIVILI] Is there any possibility of divorce or separation of any kind from my side? Husband details Name-Uday,DOB 10-10-68,Place-Nanded,Time-07:51 am
Answer:Pushyam star - Cancer moon sign - separation period is running
Question:Anish:Chengalpattu: [M-10-09-1990/8:15 a.m/Madurantakam, Tamilnadu] How will be my marriage life??
Answer:Krithika star - Taurus moon sign - good
Question:Naman Krishna :Ranchi: [M-12-09-1994/2:35 AM/Mokama, Bihar] When will i get married and in which year?
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - Next year
Question:Manish Pathak:New Delhi: [M-17/12/1989/12:30Noon/New Delhi] Hi,I just want to know when I will be get a job,currently i'm unemployed.Can i have a Govt job yog & when?
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - You will get a good job is September
Question:Hemangi N:Goa: [F-06-09-1985/07:55 AM/Goa] Kindly predict about my marriage yoga.
Answer:Krithika star - Taurus moon sign - Time is positive but you have to perform Kuja dosha pooja
Question:RUMA :KOLKATA: [F-21.07.1980/11:30 A.M/NORTH 24 DISTRICT] iam trying for govt jobs will I get sure govt job or not kindly check it sir.
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Less chances
Question:sujeet kumar gupta:shahjahanpur, uttar pradesh: [M-20-10-1989/7:10 pm/shahjahanpur, uttar pradesh] pranam guruji, i want to ask about my job. i am jobless from very long time. i m currently involved in teaching sector. will i get a teaching job in government sector ar any other government job and ti
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Join in a tutorial for sometime
Question:Ishan chaudhary:Bulandshahr: [M-14-01-1991/02:25 AM/Bulandshahr] Sir I’m a final year law student and preparing for PCS J competitive exam. Sir i want to know that can i able to crack judiciary exam? Is there any auspicious yog in my kundli which can give a little push to my hardwork so that i can e
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - Possible
Question:Amar deep:Gautam buddha nagar : [M-24-03-1984/Pm/Gautam buddha nagar,up] I have done b.ed and M sc in chemistry and i am preparing for a teaching government job. When i will get a government job?
Answer:birth time missing.
Question:vidya gadde:gujrat: [F-24-08-1986/1:52 am/latur,maharashtra] can i get success in my career
Answer:WaitingRevathi star - Pisces moon sign - sure
Question:Monmoyuree:Guwahati: [F-26-12-1972/11.01 AM/Shillong] When would I get married?
Answer:Uthrapalgni star - Leo moon sign - possible in one year
Question:Sharanabasava:Bangalore: [M-23/09/1994/4:30 pm/Raichur] When I get marrige?....And jobs
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - in one year
Question:RATHINAVEL R:Chennai: [M-16-02-1970/1 A.M/Nagapattinam] I am working as a Teacher(Private).I want to start Yoga Centre as Full time.Shall I
Answer:Mrigasiram star - Gemini moon sign - you can do
Question:Ridhi Bansal:Delhi : [F-23-12-1989/2:29 am/Delhi ] Will I have a love marriage or arrange marriage?
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Love marriage
Question:Sanket Bansal:Delhi : [M-4-01-1990/8 am/Delhi ] When will I get married? Will I have a love marriage or arrange marriage?
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - in 2021
Question:RAJNI:DERABASSI: [F-01-12-1992/PM/AHEMDABAD] how my married life will be gone
Answer:Birth time missing
Question:Atish:Jehanabad: [M-29-07-1979/4:00/Bihar] About government job and marriage arrange or love
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Virgo moon sign - Possible for Govt job
Question:arjun:kolkata: [M-15-02-1972/10:00 am/tinsukia] when will i get married
Answer:Dhanishta star - Aquarius moon sign - Not in 2 years
Question:Janvi:Rajkot: [F-01/01/1987/7:50 am/Rajkot Gujarat] Sir I would like to know about foreign settlement yoga?? If yes then in which year I will be settled there?? Before or after marriage?? Thanks
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign - chances in next year
Question:Arup Mukherjee :Asansol W.B INDIA: [M-18/12/1990/12:05 AM/Ranchi Jharkhand] When will I get a job?
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign- Period is positive till April 20118
Question:Balasubramaniyam.S:thellar: [M-08-05-1996/1.15 Am/vandawasi] when I get my life partner
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - possible in next year
Question:Sudeep Chetri:Alipurduar : [M-09/03/1996/03:00 am/Alipurduar ] Will I pass my graduation exam
Answer:Chithrai star - Libra moon sign - with difficulties you can pass
Question:GOPALAKRISHNAN P S:coimbatore: [M-13-05-1959/9-370pm/dharmapuri] what kind of job i will do
Answer:Punarvasu star - Cancer moon sign - job involving travel
Question:vilas:navi mumbai , panvel: [M-04/03/1963/08:35 am/mumbai] I am job less at present
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - at the year end you will get chances
Question:soundarya:chennai: [F-04/10/1992/8:45.p.m/ambur tamil nadu] im doing ca when will i complete my education
Answer:Uthrashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Period is favourable now
Question:Amandeep Singh:New Delhi: [M-28-01-1985/3:00pm/New Delhi] Do I have a chance to go to foreign??
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - you will get

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