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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.
Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.

TO BE HAPPY, CREATE A HAPPY CLIMATE BY HELPING other humans, animals, birds and nature

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Question:Payal Haresh Khatri:Ulhasnagar: [F-07/12/2004/06:10 AM/Ulhasnagar] In my Kundli,There are IAS/IPS/IFS yogas? Will I crack UPSE exams? Or I should do MBA but in which field What should I do for successful bright career? Now currently in F.Y.B.M.S (First year in Bacholer of Management Studies) in Mumb
Question:Mamta khullar:Mohali: [F-06/02/85/2.50pm/New delhi ] Mera partner chor Kar chala gaya hai Kab tak vapis aayega aur bat Kab shuru hogi
Question:divya singh:lucknow: [F-10/01/1998/2.20pm/rourkela] Will i have love or arrange marriage?
Question:M.Amulya:Mahabubnagar: [F-04-05-1998/6.30/Am/Hyderabad ] When do I get marriage
Question:Shweta Dudhediya:Pune : [F-01-05-1997/03.40 pm/lonavala, maharashtra] will i have a arranged or love marriage and will my EX come back?
Answer:Dhanishta star - Aquarius moon sign - Better go for an arrange marriage
Question:Karabi Rai:Guwahati assam: [F-03-10-1999/5:7am/Nalbari/assam] Will my ex come back to me and when will he come
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Its difficult
Question:Anil kumar:Canada: [M-29-11-1996/9:59 pm/Koratla, telangana] When will i get permanent residency in canada? I am currently living in canada. I came here as student.
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - It is showing delay
Question:Priyadarshani:Bihar: [F-23-08-1987/3:40PM/Muzaffarpur] I lost my job. Will i get back my job and by when
Question:Prantik Roy :Barrackpore : [M-13 March 2001/9:15am/West Bengal ] When will I have friends. I feel really lonely and have no female partner. I was cheated resently. I need an honest girlfriend. When wii i get it.
Answer:Sathi star - Libra moon sign - Wait for 2 years
Question:Srisowmya B:Mumbai: [F-08-09-1990/3.27 AM/Kakinada] When will I get peace of mind and happiness ?
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces Moon sign - You will get a normal life from next May
Question:Selvi:Chennai: [F-01-09-1982/07.30 PM/Madurai]I am currently working, but i am planning to leave my job to concentrate more on my daughter and spend time with her. I am planning to study psychology, pursue
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - Good decision and the time is correct
Question:Vikas Pillai:Dubai UAE: [M-22-10-1969/05:58 AM/Mumbai Maharashtra] When will I get a stable job and my financial status stabilize? I am actively looking for a new role.
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - You can expect after 2025
Question:Randeep:Barnala: [F-30-11-2000/9.45 PM/Jagraon,punjab] Can I go abroad ? I am applying for Australia this year...
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign - Your period is favourable till May 2024
Question:Babita gangwani:Jaipur: [F-16-02-1991/11:55 PM/Jaipur/rajasthan] Maine abhi apni bahut purani job chodi hai to kya yeh Maine decision sahi liya hai? Aur next job mujhe kab tak milegi?
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - You can get a good job next year
Question:HETAL JARIWALA:Los Angeles, USA: [F-28-05-1982/2:22 AM/vadodara, Gujarat, India] will i have a child in the future or not? If yes, then a boy or a girl?
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - You will definitely have a girl baby
Question:Bhawani Singh Rathore:Jaipur: [M-26/02/1965/4 PM/Gwalior/ MP] When will I come out of current crucial financial problem?
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Your dasa is good. You will recover from next year
Question:Shruti Tiwari:Prayagraj: [F-16 nov 1993/3:45pm/Prayagraj] Kya Mai judiciary exam crack kar paaungi
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - You can clear exam and get the job within 2 years
Question:Divya:Jodhpur: [F-13-12-2002/11:35 AM/JODHPUR, Rajasthan ] When will I be happy , I don't have friends and feel very lonely from last 3 years.
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - Your life will change from January. You will be happy
Question:ravi:davangere: [M-29-05-1978/12-30 pm/davangere] sir, i want to start a new business, when to start
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Start business after 3 years
Question:Randeep kour :Jammu: [F-26.02.2002/2.30/Jammu] Mare marriage kab tak ho sakti ha aur mare govt job lag sakti ha yeh nhi agar lag sakti ha toh kab tak
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - very soon marriage will be fixed
Question:Suveen Suri:Toronto , Canada : [F-25-10-1978/11:11 pm /Mumbai / Maharashtra ] I am having issues with my husband in my marraige and want to know when they will be resolved
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - next bukthi from Nov is favourable
Question:Pankaj Chawla:New Delhi: [M-13-07-1978/17:25 PM/Saharanpur/UP] I am jobless, when will i get new job
Answer:Chithrai star - Virgo moon sign - Dasa period is not powerful. Year end is good period. No financial problems
Question:Surya Prakash Shrivastava:Ahmedabad: [M-02-051-976/7.30pm/Bhopal] When I wl get Divorce
Answer:Mrigasirsam star - Taurus moon sign - Next year period is favourable to solve the dispute
Question:Vani:Ottapalam: [F-20/11/1991/5:26/Ottapalam] Will my husband and me be together
Answer:Ashwini star - Aries moon sign - Relationship will improve from 2024
Question:harpreet ghosh:Kolkata: [F-14.11.1980/4:50 AM/CHANDIGARH] iI am a school Principal.I have applied everywhere to change my job.when will i get a new job in another school as a Principal?will it be a stable job?
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign - Sure you will get better opportunity
Question:Premavarshini:Chennai: [F-27-08-2006/10:10 PM/Chennai/ Tamilnadu] Can I pursue Chattered accountancy course , is there any issue ...pls guide me
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - This field suits you. But you need to work hard
Question:Anchal Dutta:Jammu: [F-25-05-1990/9:40 am/Doda/J&k] Will I get a government job and any good job to get financially independent?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - You can get a govt job but in a distant place
Question:Rajendra Singh:Ashoknagar Delhi: [M-20-11-1976/6:16/Gwaldam/Chamoli/ uttarakhand] Vyapar mai rukawat or karja badta ja raha hai
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - from next year budha dasa starts, will improve your business and wealth
Question:Sekhar Sudhansu Dad:Anandapur, Odisha, India: [M-18/05/1997/9:37pm/Malkangiri, Odisha] I am working as an government employee away from my hometown in puri. Is there any chances to get transferred to my hometown in puri
Answer:Hustham star - Virgo moon sign - you can get transfer at the end of year 2024
Question:Ilze:Istanbul : [M-18. 02.1982/05:20/Riga, Latvia ] My husband does not see me as a woman anymore even though he shows a deep respect. Is there any chance that he loves me as a woman again?
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - you can have hope after 2 years

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