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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:Khojmati:Maharashtra: [F-17-10-1991/07:03 PM/Gorakhpur] I have many personal problems in my life because of which I am getting into depression when can I be out from all this? Please help
Question:Shikha Singh:Varanasi: [F-16-10-1994/04:30 AM/Gyanpur/Uttar Pradesh] When will I get a government job?
Question:ISHITA:DELHI: [F-01-10-1990/09.06 PM/KANPUR] When my daughter will get married ?
Question:Pranjal puzari:Jorhat: [M-9/08/91/3:50a.m/Jorhat assam] When I will get gvt job
Question:Babita:Lucknow: [F-19/02/1980/1 AM/Lucknow uttar pradesh] Agar mai dobara shadi karu to woh safal hogi ki nahi
Question:vinay gupta:chandigarh: [M-16-12-1975/00:20am/ambala/haryana] I am in pvt job, not feeling security in job, when I will be settled in job
Question:M. S. Rajith:Chennai: [M-25-09-1965/14.35/Rourkela Orissa] I am doing a very large real projects in chennai. Its pending for more than 1.5 years. It will benefit me and another 3000 families directly and indirectly. Want it completed immediately and sucessfully foe me i a big way and for everybo
Question:Indu:Bangalore: [M-21 may 1996/3.30 pm/Bangalore] What pooja pharihara should be done to avoid obstacles in marriage and to get married soon
Question:Rupesh:Kalyan: [M-17-09-1977/08.16 am/Mumbai] What kind of business we can start for growth
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Advisory / Legal issues are suitable for you.
Question:Devi:Erode: [F-13.07.1995/04.10.PM/Erode / Tamilnadu] When she will get married?
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - Marriage period starts from December
Question:sasmita sahoo:Rourkela: [F-20-04-1975/09.01/khurda/odisha] my husband is away from me since 4 yrs and staying at his native place in khurda. when he will be re-united forgetting all the disturbances occurred in past. I dont have his birth details. whether he will come to me or any chance i will go t
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - Favourable Chandra dasa will come from 2023
Question:abhishek singh:VARANASI: [M-24-12-1989/23:45 pm/VARANASI] i'm preparing for banking sector from 5 years but always failed by less marks,will i get the job in banking sector?
Answer:Visaka star - Scorpio moon sign - nearby periods are not linked to banking sector
Question:Ankita:Silvassa: [F-09-04-1985/18:30/Varanasi] When will i have child?
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - Guru is weak in your horoscope. Take proper medical treatment.
Question:Manpreet singh:Saharanpur u.p: [M-11.8.1985/09.05 am/Saharanpur u.p] Sir meri life me bahut pareshaani hai please upaye bateye
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Ashtama Sani period is running. Worship Lord Ram and Hanuman on Saturdays
Question:Sugirdha :Colombo : [F-12 07 2002/10:16 am /Colombo ] Will my crush love me??
Answer:Aslesha star - Cancer moon sign - Period not good for love.
Question:Shivaji:Nashik: [M-05-06-1984/04:10 PM/Shrirampur/Maharashtra] Not getting a job and even could not continued after getting.
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - Your Karma(Job) sthana is not powerful. Do some social services and that will help you settle in a job.

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