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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.
Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.

TO BE HAPPY, CREATE A HAPPY CLIMATE BY HELPING other humans, animals, birds and nature

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Question:Randeep:Barnala: [F-30-11-2000/9.45 PM/Jagraon,punjab] Can I go abroad ? I am applying for Australia this year...
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign - Your period is favourable till May 2024
Question:Babita gangwani:Jaipur: [F-16-02-1991/11:55 PM/Jaipur/rajasthan] Maine abhi apni bahut purani job chodi hai to kya yeh Maine decision sahi liya hai? Aur next job mujhe kab tak milegi?
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - You can get a good job next year
Question:HETAL JARIWALA:Los Angeles, USA: [F-28-05-1982/2:22 AM/vadodara, Gujarat, India] will i have a child in the future or not? If yes, then a boy or a girl?
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - You will definitely have a girl baby
Question:Bhawani Singh Rathore:Jaipur: [M-26/02/1965/4 PM/Gwalior/ MP] When will I come out of current crucial financial problem?
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Your dasa is good. You will recover from next year
Question:Shruti Tiwari:Prayagraj: [F-16 nov 1993/3:45pm/Prayagraj] Kya Mai judiciary exam crack kar paaungi
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - You can clear exam and get the job within 2 years
Question:Divya:Jodhpur: [F-13-12-2002/11:35 AM/JODHPUR, Rajasthan ] When will I be happy , I don't have friends and feel very lonely from last 3 years.
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - Your life will change from January. You will be happy
Question:ravi:davangere: [M-29-05-1978/12-30 pm/davangere] sir, i want to start a new business, when to start
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Start business after 3 years
Question:Randeep kour :Jammu: [F-26.02.2002/2.30/Jammu] Mare marriage kab tak ho sakti ha aur mare govt job lag sakti ha yeh nhi agar lag sakti ha toh kab tak
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - very soon marriage will be fixed
Question:Suveen Suri:Toronto , Canada : [F-25-10-1978/11:11 pm /Mumbai / Maharashtra ] I am having issues with my husband in my marraige and want to know when they will be resolved
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - next bukthi from Nov is favourable
Question:Pankaj Chawla:New Delhi: [M-13-07-1978/17:25 PM/Saharanpur/UP] I am jobless, when will i get new job
Answer:Chithrai star - Virgo moon sign - Dasa period is not powerful. Year end is good period. No financial problems
Question:Surya Prakash Shrivastava:Ahmedabad: [M-02-051-976/7.30pm/Bhopal] When I wl get Divorce
Answer:Mrigasirsam star - Taurus moon sign - Next year period is favourable to solve the dispute
Question:Vani:Ottapalam: [F-20/11/1991/5:26/Ottapalam] Will my husband and me be together
Answer:Ashwini star - Aries moon sign - Relationship will improve from 2024
Question:harpreet ghosh:Kolkata: [F-14.11.1980/4:50 AM/CHANDIGARH] iI am a school Principal.I have applied everywhere to change my job.when will i get a new job in another school as a Principal?will it be a stable job?
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign - Sure you will get better opportunity
Question:Premavarshini:Chennai: [F-27-08-2006/10:10 PM/Chennai/ Tamilnadu] Can I pursue Chattered accountancy course , is there any issue ...pls guide me
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - This field suits you. But you need to work hard
Question:Anchal Dutta:Jammu: [F-25-05-1990/9:40 am/Doda/J&k] Will I get a government job and any good job to get financially independent?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - You can get a govt job but in a distant place
Question:Rajendra Singh:Ashoknagar Delhi: [M-20-11-1976/6:16/Gwaldam/Chamoli/ uttarakhand] Vyapar mai rukawat or karja badta ja raha hai
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - from next year budha dasa starts, will improve your business and wealth
Question:Sekhar Sudhansu Dad:Anandapur, Odisha, India: [M-18/05/1997/9:37pm/Malkangiri, Odisha] I am working as an government employee away from my hometown in puri. Is there any chances to get transferred to my hometown in puri
Answer:Hustham star - Virgo moon sign - you can get transfer at the end of year 2024
Question:Ilze:Istanbul : [M-18. 02.1982/05:20/Riga, Latvia ] My husband does not see me as a woman anymore even though he shows a deep respect. Is there any chance that he loves me as a woman again?
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - you can have hope after 2 years
Question:Shilpa :Hyderabad : [F-05-05-1979/7:45AM/New Delhi ] Should I maintain healthy realtions with my inlaws
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - You can't get a smooth relationship, but your disturbing period ends next month
Question:Roshani:Ahmedabad : [F-26-12-1978/21:50/Rajkot] When will I get married … Will I be happy in my marriage …. Will I have children ?
Answer:Visaka star - Libra moon sign - You can get a life this year, try to find alliance from your known circle, you will be blessed with children
Question:Shireen:London: [F-6.10.1993/3.32 PM/New Delhi ] Will I get married again ? When?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - possible in 2023
Question:sanjeev:Mumbai: [M-14101966/1:40 PM/Lucknow Uttar Pradesh] I am having job probelm since 2017. My loan are mounting and there is no source of income. When will I get job or able to start some business to get steady income.
Answer:Chitrai star - Vigo moon sign - you can start a business, it will improve
Question:Subhashini :Hyderabad: [F-30/07/1982/11:20pm/Hyderabad/telangana ] I have more debts and severe financial problems when I ill over com these financial problems
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - improvement will be from 2026 only
Question:Yoshitha J S:BHADRAVATHI: [F-24/02/1995/10:55PM/Mysuru] Am a makeup artist and makeup educator but am not getting clients and students, not even enquires even after giving attractive discounts. What to do ..?
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - after august your business will improve
Question:sanjjib kar:nagaon,assam: [M-15-02-1983/04:10 a.m/asansol,west bengal] Will i get married in 2022 or 2023..........
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - your marriage period will be after June 2023
Question:JAYANT SHINDE :PUNE : [M-03-10-1969/10:17 am/PUNE ] favorable time to buy a flat
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - You can't stay at a place till 2030. You will not get benefit buying a property
Question:Snigdharani nayak :Vishakhapatnam : [F-04/11/1999/5:00am/Odisha,kandhamaal ] sir help me my partner and me became apart and but still contact is there but i don't understand what is going in his mind?will he come back to me? And when ? Sawin kumar 07/10/1987 banglore 11:55pm
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - next 2 years period are not favourable for relationship, take extra care and maintain the contact.
Question:Reema kalra:New Delhi: [F-23-12-1983/11:45 pm/New Delhi] I am facing a problems in my married life how it resolve and when??
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - your problem will resolve after one year
Question:Shweta sharma:Rampur uttar pradesh: [F-23-07-1992/2.50am/Baraut uttar pradesh] Hello I m shweta sharma d.o.b 23/7/1992 2.50am place baraut up.nd my husband arun sharma 23/11/1990 4.30am Pilkhuwa u p We are planning for a baby.will i conceive in this month March 2022
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - favourable period starts from May 2022
Question:Shreya Sharma:Amstelveen: [F-07-01-2000/Am/Ghaziabad] I am doing Econometrics. Should I continue with my career
Answer:birth time missing
Question:Sandipan:Kolkata,West Bengal : [M-13-11-1995/8:05am/Arambagh,Hooghly,West Bengal ] I am working in IT I want to change this company when it will happen and when I shall be economically strong?
Answer:Punarvasu star - Cancer moon sign - you can expect progress from 2025.
Question:Mohit :New Delhi: [M-14/07/2002/11:24 AM/New Delhi] Why I am so unlucky nothing goes in my favour
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo moon sign - running dasa period is not favourable, it will improve gradually. You will get luck from life partner.
Question:Madhuri:Jwalamukhi: [F-10.02.1959/7.22 am/Hoshiarpur, panjab] . divorce case of my son in progress,his wife has left him immediately after marriage, when will his 2nd marriage materialise
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - court case will end next year, next positive period for marriage is year 2029
Question:Sabah Fathima:Chennai: [F-26/03/1992/8:53 am/Puna, Maharastra] Every one is misbehaving with me. All are saying lies to me. Harming me many times
Answer:Moolam star, Sagitarius moon sign, This troublesome period continues till 2027. But you have blessing of God to overcome.
Question:Subha Priya:Salem: [M-18-03-1996/12.11 PM/Virudhunagar/Tamil Nadu] I got married on 2020 when will get my first child
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - current period is favourable now
Question:Akansha Somani:Delhi: [F-31.05.1994/8:30 Pm/Delhi] When will i get married?
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - marriage period afer one year
Question:SUNIL BHALERAO:PUNE: [M-28-12-1968/01:55 A.M/KARAD MAHARASHTRA] will i get my lost cyber crime money by local police satation in a near future.
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - chances are low
Question:Khushi kanodia:Kolkata: [F-17-06-2003/4.41 PM/Kolkata ] I have completed my CA foundation exams and have applied for level 2 exams.there are 3 levels in total and I want to know when will I complete it full and become a CA
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - You can finish but you need to work hard, best wishes
Question:Sanchita Tripathi:Mumbai: [F-04/09/1991/4:47AM/Mumbai] Should I pursue a sales commission based business (started for me by my father) or my own mobile application idea? When will I be successful?
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - Current period Sani dasa is good for your business
Question:Reena:Ghaziabad : [F-31/08/1982/6:10PM/Ghaziabad ] When will my husband come & will he truly apologise for what he has done to me ?
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - next 3 years are not favourable
Question:ASHVANI PANDEY:MUMBAI: [M-19-10-1993/12.20 PM/PRATAPGARH/UTTARPRADESH] how can remove my debts easily and can i wear ring or bracelet of copper
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - you can wear. Your good period will start from 2028.
Question:DR MAMTA VYAS:INDORE: [F-2105 1969/10 56 am/INDORE] I lost job when I will get new job
Answer:Punarvasu star - Cancer moon sign - from April your favourable period starts, you can get a good job.
Question:poorvi saini:dehradun: [F-06-07-1994/12:18 pm/delhi] i have feelings for a person since last 4 years, will i be married to him? his details are- birthdate-29 may 1996, time 11 pm, place- gangoh
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - next year changes can be expected, handle carefully
Question:sanya:kota: [F-29/06/1995/11:45pm/kota] will he come back or i will have an arrange marriage
Answer:Punarvasu star - Cancer moon sign - Go for an arranged marriage
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - now you can get a chance
Question:Avisha sharma:Delhi , India: [F-06-07-1994/02:50 pm/Delhi] i was married on 14 sept,2021 Husband name -Lavanya bhanot dob-24 Feb 1996 time -6:30 am place of birth -Roorkee uttrakhand . He is NRI (Canada) .Will i get divorced as he is not having good terms with me because of my father in law
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - it will end next year
Question:Narotam Saini:Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir: [M-21-04-1964/4:00 PM/Gurdaspur,Punjab] I am facing problems in my business.Even I am closing my business due to financial losses.Want to start new business of cemented heaters.When will my business will settle again
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - Your problems will be over from May 2022
Question:JEEVAPRAKASH:Ambasamudram: [M-02-01-1979/12:20 pm/Ambasamudram] Business place change processing problem.. everything is going on difficulty
Answer:Danishta star - Aquarius moon sign - At end you will get the good result
Question:JInela Desouza:Mumbai: [F-28/02/1993//Kalyan] When will I get married
Answer:Birth time is required
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - Chandra dasa till 2030, workship Ganapathi

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