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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.
Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.

TO BE HAPPY, CREATE A HAPPY CLIMATE BY HELPING other humans, animals, birds and nature

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Question:Adyasree Sahoo:Kolkata : [F-30/03/2005/3:00/Balasore ] Will i ever be blackmail by someone..for me will my family prestige will go...who will be that person who will black mail me...
Question:Pushkar anant joglekar :Pune city: [M-27/11/1997/5:50 am/Pune,Maharashtra ] in which year I will travel in other country for job?I learned spanish.I learn java scripts.I have many Friends from other countries.
Question:Vijay kumar:Ludhiana: [M-30-09-1971/9:20pm/Ludhiana,punjab] When i ll get rid of my financial problems

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