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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.
Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.

TO BE HAPPY, CREATE A HAPPY CLIMATE BY HELPING other humans, animals, birds and nature

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Question:Kartik Khanna:Pune: [M-24-07-1995/1230 pm/Muzaffarpur ] Is legal practice in court good career option for me?
Question:Deepu:Delhi: [F-07.01.1983/6.30pm/Kollam/kerala] I am married but in love with a man who is younger than me just want to know is he serious about our relationship
Question:Uma:Thoothukudi: [F-11-04-1998/04:13 A.M/Thoothukudi/Tamilnadu] Will I have love marriage or arrange marriage?
Question:Prity:Kolkata: [F-05/06/1991//Patna] When I will conceive a baby? Suggest remedy
Question:Ashafathima:Thanjavur: [F-08-09-1994/1.30pm/Thanjavur] Yenna romba enga maamanaar koduma paduthuranga athu eppo sari aagum parigaram erukka sir
Answer:Chithrai star - Kanni Rasi - This will change after one year. For Remedies you call me 9884188679
Question:Bhumika Singh:Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh India: [F-21 07 2003/11:02 AM/Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh] Meri love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage
Question:Megha:Khurja: [F-25/10/1989/3: 27Am/Bulandshar/UP] Meri shadi kub tak hogi aur kaise rhegi
Question:Sangeeta:Chunar mirjapur Uttar Pradesh India: [F-28/4/1978/8:00/Chunar Uttar Pradesh India] Meri sadi 2021 mai ho jaye gi
Question:Aditi Agarwal:MORADABAD: [F-07-12-1997/7:30 PM/MORADABAD] Will i get married to the person i love currently and had been in relationship for 3 yrs ?
Question:Dilip Jaiswal:Gurgaon: [M-19-01-1967/1:17Am/Belthra road, UP] Financially things are not good. I lost my job and business is into loss. When will things be fine and what will happen
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - Finance will improve from April 2022
Question:Avantika jain:Jaipur: [F-22-12-1996/8 35 pm/Rewa,mp] Which year will I get married
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - period starts from April 2022
Question:Harpreet Kaur :NEW DELHI: [F-02061973/7.45pm/NEW DELHI] Sale of property
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - favourable time starts from August
Question:Karan :Patiala: [M-01-10-1991/09.45 AM/Kolkata/west bengal] I want to give pte exam for studying in canada which month and date will be suitable to me three times I have given paper but unable to clear it
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - Wait till May 2023
Question:Manish Jain:Bahadurgarh: [M-15/09/1975/05.55 Am/Bahadurgarh] Sir he had faced the blank fengus issue after covid and he had faced some right eye issue and his orbit is not moving much more and he is faced double vision he will be al right and his vision will be clear please confirm as we have faced
Answer:Uthrashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - He will recover from these problems
Question:Shubhi singh :Farrukhabad : [F-23/3/1996/7:00 pm/Farrukhabad ] When will I get the job?
Answer:Krithika star - Taurus moon sign - soon you will get a job
Question:Ritika :Jalandhar : [F-12-09-1995/9:43pm/Jalandhar ] Meri shadi Kaha or kb hogye ?
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - Your marriage period starts from Jan 2022. You have dosha in horoscope, be careful before fixing alliance.
Question:Muneeb Maqbool:Handwara Kashmir : [M-13/09/1996/5pm/Kupwara ] Will I marry my 8 year relationship girl , her parents want her to marry but I’m jobless what shall I do
Answer:Uthrapalguni star - Virgo moon sign - Next year you will get a job, try to fix that alliance.
Question:tejas:BANGLORE: [M-18-12-2000/2:08 Pm/dombivili] WILL I able to travel to foregin countries?
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Virgo Moon sign - Your chart is favourable for this.
Question:CHAYAN PAKRASHI:JALPAIGURI: [M-24-08-1951/00:25am/KOLKATA WB] i am residing in a rented house. can i shift into a new home which will be in good location in the near future?
Answer:Krithika star - Aries moon sign - Your chart not indicating a comfortable environment
Question:Kirannyah:Rawang: [F-17-06-2003/5.04 pm/Kulim, Kedah] Paarvinnash Rao broke up with me on 24th March 2021. His birthdate 30 January 2003 and birthplace Subang jaya, Selangor. Last talk was 20 June 2021.Will we reunite soon? Will he come back to me? Will we get married? I really need him with me.
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - Possible after 6 months
Question:Sanjay Tinker:Jaipur: [M-02-08-1979/4.20 PM/Jaipur Rajasthan] Main apna Ghar kharidna chahta hu kab tak kharid paunga
Answer:Visaka star - Scorpio moon sign - Within one year you can purchase.
Question:Mariline Ferreira:England: [M-19-04-1988/6pm/Coimbra] When I get pregnant?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus Moon sign - Planets in Transit is favourable for you now
Question:Roshan lal:Doha , qatar: [M-30-04-1989/12:58 pm/Mumbai, Maharashtra] I lost my job in October 20 and I haven't found any job yet? When will I get a job? Thank you
Answer:Dhanishta star - Aquarius Moon sign - Your good time is from this October
Question:Megha:Khurja: [F-25/10/1989/3: 27 AM/Bulandshahar/UP] Meri shadi kub tak hogi
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo Rasi - Your marriage period starts from May 2022
Question:mohana krishna sandhya:tuni: [F-16/08/1996/5:10pm/peddapuram, andhra pradesh] iam getting rejected after interviews these days? when i will get selected for a job?
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo Rasi - You will get opportunities from September
Question:Kalyani Kumbhar:Rayagada: [F-15-04-1988/2:10am/Koraput] When will I get transfer from my present place of posting
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces Rasi - after one year
Question:Yash awasthi:Bhopal: [M-3/8/2004/7:15 am/Kanpur] Will i be able to join indian army and when?
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius Rasi - Chances are bright before May 2022
Question:manju :kattappana: [F-09/12/1979/8: 38 p m/idukki] I do not have a home of my own. Can I get a good paying job?
Answer:Makam star - Leo Rasi - your Dasa period changes and it will improve your income. Owing house will not give you satisfaction.
Question:Monika Sharma :Jammu: [F-06-09-1990/17:40p.m/Jammu kashmir] Marriage horoscope detail main batayen
Answer:Poorvabadra star - Meena Rasi - Chances of getting alliance from your friends circle soon
Question:Duviti:Punjab: [F-05-03-1992/11.02pm/Ludhiana/punjab] When i blessed with baby
Answer:Revathi star - Meena Rasi - Favourable period from April 2023
Question:sudha madhuri vemula:hyderabad: [F-08-10-1986/3.20 AM/prakasham / andhra pradesh] will i be happy in my marriage and do i have 2nd marriage in my destiny
Answer:Anuradha star - Vrichika Rasi - You will get a happly life soon
Question:Deepika:Chennai: [F-24-06-1999/10.35/Chennai] I'm doing masters in Germany in biotechnology.. Will I get job and settle in abroad.. Or should I plan phd after masters
Answer:Swathi star - Thula Rasi - You will get a job in abraod
Question:Neha Shukla:Nagpur : [F-29/11/1983/12:25 PM/Kanpur ] Me and my husband are living separately since last year. He came to stay in between but now refusing to come back to me. Although he chats with me occasionally, I am not getting any previlage of being married and feeling secured with a husband. Hi
Answer:Uthrapalguni star - Kanya Rasi - You can live together from next year
Question:Jivan:THANE: [M-10/01/1989/05:58 Am/Mumbai] Got Divorce recently when will I get remarriage and how will be life after marriage
Answer:Dhanishta star - Makara Rasi - Wait for 2 years

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