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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.
Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.

TO BE HAPPY, CREATE A HAPPY CLIMATE BY HELPING other humans, animals, birds and nature

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Question:PRIYA PRADIPBHAI MEHTA:Jamnagar: [F-26-06-1996/4:45 pm/Surendranagar] How will be my health in future
Question:Shailaja:Kolhapur, Maharashtra: [F-21/11/1981/8:06am/Miraj Maharashtra] Disputes in married life
Question:Daisy :Dhaka: [F-27-07-1985/12pm/Dhaka] I want to know about my soulmate.. When is he coming and who is he. Is he a foreigner.. I know him or not.?
Question:Rutuja Goswami:AMRAVATI: [F-11/11/1997/12:45/AMRAVATI] Will I get married to my boyfriend or the guy I received rishta from a few days back?
Question:Kavita:Hisar: [F-29-9-1985/3am/Hisar] Sir,when will I get married?
Question:Jei:Madrid: [F-18-11-1991/12:30 AM/Manresa] Will i have a successful career as an actress?
Question:Anu:Pune: [F-19-04-1987/10.24/Lonavala] When will I have second marriage?
Question:Smita :Bhubaneswar : [F-12-11-1984/12.30 AM/Balasore/odisha] When do I have my child/ santan yog?
Question:sarvjeet:delhi: [F-15-06-1976/11.01/new delhi] is my marriage possible
Question:Rashmi Raj:Chapra, Bihar: [F-20-08-1993/12.22 PM/Bhagalpur, Bihar] My to be partner Ankit Arora is a regular drinker & smoker & he is running into huge financial crisis. Will everything be ok in future?
Question:Anjali:Orlando: [F-12/04/1964/AM/Kolhapur/Maharashtra] Will I survive for 6 years, I have cancer
Question:Ishika:Solan: [F-29/03/2002/02:20 PM/Shimla, Himachal Pradesh] Is field of acting good for me ?
Question:Jai narula:Mumbai: [M-08-09-95/5:45 pm/Faridabad] When will I get married?
Question:Shivani:Rewa: [F-22/12/1997/10:35 pm/Rewa.mp .india] In which year will I get married?will it be an arranged match or a love match?
Question:Vijay Shree:Patna: [F-07/11/2001/08:17 AM/Gaya,Bihar] Will i do arrange marriage or love marriage?
Question:Mehak:Meerut: [F-24-07-1995/Pm/Ludhiana ] When will I have a baby
Question:Swati Mishra:Kanpur: [F-02/02/1990/09:12 AM/Kanpur ] I am suffering from health issues please tell me the reason for these health issues and when will i get rid of these issues?
Question:Zahidha Begum:Sivakasi: [F-18-10-1994/10.20 AM/Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu] I'm married in Jan 2021. I want to know about my marriage life. Also about the relationship between my husband and my mother.
Question:Dakshata :Coimbatore: [F-07/01/2000/04:02 am/Coimbatore] Will I get married to my present partner and when
Question:Sanet:South Africa: [F-12-01-1976/12:00/Port Elizabeth] Must I open my restaurant?
Question:S:Mumbai: [F-05/05/75/7.15 am/Nagpur/Maharashtra] Marriage and child issues
Question:Vishal Tiwari :Kanpur : [M-13/02/1994/04.12 pm /Kanpur ] I want to know about my carrier as before I was working in hotel in Dubai but in nov I left the job as I decided to open my own business so I came back to India but now I am very confused which business should I start and and I want to know wh
Question:Shabari ganesh R:Mysore : [M-11\02\1993/12;10 pm/Sathyamangalam] Im a sportsman. Will i achieve success in international level in my sport. When will my time gets start. Currently facing lot of problems in my life
Question:Kinjal Gajera :Ahmedabad, india: [F-11/08/1996/10:10AM/Ahmedabad, Gujarat ] Will I go for my abroad education in 2021? I have faced refusal in December 2020
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Try between this April to August. Or from June next year.
Question:Shiva Kumar:Kavali ,nellore district: [M-22/01/1983/19:30/Kavali ,nellore district] Married and separated, divorce when it will comes
Question:Nidhi Kaur :New Delhi : [F-21-06-1989/10:20 AM /New Delhi ] MARRIAGE DATE - 24 NOV 2019 HUSBAND DETAILSĀ  NAME - JUNG BAHADUR SINGH DOB - 9 FEB 1986 TIME - 3 :55 AM PLACE - NEW DELHIĀ  Pandit ji meri married life mein bahut problem chal rhi hai..kya Humara divorce hi hoga or agar hoga to kab tak hoga.
Question:Amit Ramnath Gaikwad:Mumbai: [M-03/02/1986/3:15 AM/Mumbai , Maharashtra] Me & my wife separated from last 3 months , when she comes to my life once again
Answer:Visaka star - Libra moon sign - you can expect at the year end
Question:Heena:Bikaner: [F-07-07-1994/12:30 pm/Bathinda] I want to start my clothing business is it good?
Answer:Mrigasira star - Gemnini moon sign - Yes you can do
Question:INDRANIL DASGUPTA:Kolkata: [M-12-12-1963/12:59 pm/Kolkata] In tremendous financial crisis . Not getting job satisfaction and job offers and unable to earn good money. When will this problem end ?
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Next year dasa will change and give you financial benefits.
Question:Tanisha Kundu :Kolkata: [F-16.12.01/8 45 pm/Kolkata] I m a lesbian girl..I love another girl.she is also like me but she dont approve of my love. She ignore me..what can i do
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - You will get.
Question:Parthiban:tiruvannamalai: [M-31-12-1994/10.30 PM/tiruvannamalai] I am already in government job lower post . I am studying for higher post will I clear exam and get higher post .if yes when will I get
Answer:Moolam star - Sagittarius moon sign - Prepare for promotion, you can expect next year
Question:Joyraj Bhowmick :Siliguri: [M-26-02-1983/7:15 pm/Siliguri] How will we be happy if we both bearing unmatched kundali?
Answer:If their charts are not matching, there will be no happiness.
Question:Khushi:Sehore: [F-19/06/2003/07:00 pm/Sehore Madhya Pradesh] 1. When will I get married
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Chances bright in this year
Question:Shruti mohanty:Bbsr: [F-11-8-1985/09.57 am/Puri] When will my marriage life dispute will end which is created by my mother in law and divorced sister in law, and I will stay together with my husband.?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Positive period from August 2022.
Question:joypreet sehdev:himachal pradesh: [F-7thaug2001/3.00pm/himachal pradesh] love marrige i am manglik but i love someone kaya meri love marrige hogi ghr wala karnja
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - If his age difference is more than 5 years it can be fixed
Question:Pratima:Bileipada, Keonjhar: [F-22/07/1996/9:50 pm/Bileipada, Keonjhar] When my marriage will going to fix?
Answer:Chitrai star - Virgo moon sign - after 2 years
Question:B SUPRIYA:NIZAMABAD: [F-26-12-1994/11:10am/NIZAMABAD] Possibility of my marriage with alladi sripadh
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo Moon sign - current period is favourable, try to fix this year
Question:Uudhav Damodar Nikam:Karjat: [M-08/06/1995/12.31/Raigad/Maharashtra] Meri shadi kab ho ahti hai
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo Moon sign - Marriage will be fixed in a few months
Question:Jit:Sikar Rajasthan: [M-04041995/5: 6 pm/Kolkata] Money problem
Answer:Krithika star - Taurus moon sign - it will improve after one year
Question:Anamika:Korba: [F-08/12/2000/09:57 am/Korba Chhattisgarh] When will i get true love?
Answer:Aswini - Aries moon sign - You can find him at your work place
Question:Srinivas:Koppal: [M-09-08-1987/09:45 AM/Koppal] Currently working as clerk in bank . I am not getting job as officer even when I write exams . I miss the officer job each time I write exam . Plz tell when will I get officer job and suggest any remedies
Answer:Sravanam star - Capricorn moon sign - Wait for one year
Question:Sanjay Patel:MUMBAI: [M-26-10-1966/03.35 am/MUMBAI] Dear Sir, Last six years plus worst Period Professionally & Financially, struggling to rebuilt career without any success. I look forward to your esteemed guidance and remedy if any to get back on my feet once again.
Answer:Purvabadra star - Piscess moon sign - Sukra dasa started from 2013 is not supportive. Perform Kuja dosha pooja to improve finace status

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