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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:Ankush agrawal:Jaipur: [M-27-01-1985/03.06 pm/Indore/ madhya pradesh] I have left my native place 2 months back due to loss in business I agin want to live my life with my wife and child and I know surya mahadasha is going on me. Can u pls tell me when I will settle with my wife again
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - Chandra dasa can only support you.
Question:Reema:Nasik: [F-1994/02/11/8:39 pm/Nasik maharastra] Can l get divorce
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Current period Kuja bukthi will get you divorce
Question:Sangeetha:Karaikudi: [F-23-09-1995/6:45 am/Sivagangai/Tamilnadu] Will I get married with my cousin?
Answer:Puram star - Leo moon sign - indicating
Question:Khojmati:Maharashtra: [F-17-10-1991/07:03 PM/Gorakhpur] I have many personal problems in my life because of which I am getting into depression when can I be out from all this? Please help
Answer:Sravanam star - Capricorn moon sign - You will soon be relieved.
Question:Shikha Singh:Varanasi: [F-16-10-1994/04:30 AM/Gyanpur/Uttar Pradesh] When will I get a government job?
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Try a job in a distant place
Question:ISHITA:DELHI: [F-01-10-1990/09.06 PM/KANPUR] When my daughter will get married ?
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Next year is indicated
Question:Pranjal puzari:Jorhat: [M-9/08/91/3:50a.m/Jorhat assam] When I will get gvt job
Answer:Pushyam star - Cancer Moon sign - Period is now favourable. Try and join.
Question:Babita:Lucknow: [F-19/02/1980/1 AM/Lucknow uttar pradesh] Agar mai dobara shadi karu to woh safal hogi ki nahi
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - Peace will not be there.
Question:vinay gupta:chandigarh: [M-16-12-1975/00:20am/ambala/haryana] I am in pvt job, not feeling security in job, when I will be settled in job
Answer:Barani star - Aries Moon sign - Guru dasa buda bukthi from 2022 will give you a good job
Question:M. S. Rajith:Chennai: [M-25-09-1965/14.35/Rourkela Orissa] I am doing a very large real projects in chennai. Its pending for more than 1.5 years. It will benefit me and another 3000 families directly and indirectly. Want it completed immediately and sucessfully foe me i a big way and for everybo
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - From Jan 2020 you can execute.

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