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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:Priya Rane:Vasai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: [F-20.12.1989/09.55 AM/Vasai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India] Marriage prediction - Love or arrange marriage as per astrology and when it will be happen..??
Question:VIGNESH G S:MADURAI: [M-11-10-1992/10.40 AM/MADURAI] I complete my B.Tech IT Degree in February 2015 with a score of 63% and passed in Second Class. I am unemployed. When will I get a Job either Government or Quasi Govt or Private. Please answer my question. Thanking you.
Question:REMYA:Thiruvananthapuram: [F-29-O8-1985/11.30 AM/PATHANAMTHITTA, KERALA] will i get a good job in india or abroad this year
Question:Hiwanshi Chaudhary:Kota: [F-29-05-1990/03.40 am/Alwar, Rajasthan] Sir regards. I am facing career related difficulties. Can i wear BLUE SAPPHIRE & GOMED to boost career. If not, then please tell me what to wear. Please guide me through this
Question:KAPIL:KARNAL: [M-13-11-1984/06:20 PM/KARNAL] When I wil get my new job ?
Question:Divya:Nagercoil: [F-12-06-1995/4:30 PM/Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu] At which age i will get Government job (I need exact age)
Question:Abhi:Kolkata: [M-06-05-1985/6:20 AM/Kolkata] I am a state Govt employee. But I want to be a employee of defence or secret service related departments. Is there any possibility in future? please mention all future aspect of career.
Question:Krishnendu Pradhan :: [M-15-08-1990/04:07 a.m/Contai, westbengal, India news ] I want to know about my marriage
Question:Simarjot:: [M-13/02/1997/11:12 am/Srinagar(jammu kashmr)] profession
Question:ff:cuttack: [F-08-02-1984/10:15 PM/cuttack,orissa] what lies in my future personally and professionally?
Question:Medha:Palakkad: [F-251_12_1991/3.40am/Palakkad,kerala] Is there any chance of getting government jobs?
Question:Medha:Palakkad: [F-251_12_1991/3.40am/Palakkad,kerala] Will government job get
Question:Katyayani:Kanpur: [F-25-12-1985/6:39/Kanpur, uttar pradesh] What about my career and stability
Question:Vikas Gulati:mandideep, MP: [M-24-12-1990/11:50 AM/agra, uttar pradesh] when will i get a decent job?
Question:Shweta Bhutani:Rohtak: [F-15-10-1994/6:15/Rohtak] My carrer lyf and health
Question:Gopika:usa: [F-16-01-1992/3:50 PM/trivandrum, kerala] When will I get a job
Question:Youvan Patel:Mumbai: [M-20-10-1982/4:36 AM/Mumbai, Maharashtra] Kindly let me know when is the possibility of my marriage as am facing lots of issues in getting married. Let me know if there is any remedy which i can do to remove the obstacles coming in my way of finding my life partner.
Question:Madhu:bhatinda: [F-24 -11-1990/Pm/Bhatinda] When i will get married
Question:Vrushali:Pune , Maharashtra: [F-12-11-1985/6.18 pm/Ahemdabad, Gujrath] When the things will get normal between me & my partner?
Question:Kanubhai M Thakkar:Vadodara: [M-22-10-1959/9.59 am/Borsad, Anand ditrict] I am in debt / financial trouble since 1990, when I wll get relaxed fromthis
Question:Arup Mukherjee :asansol: [M-18.12.1990/12:05/Ranchi] when will I get a good job?
Question:santanu das:bangalore: [M-04-10-1986/08:29am/kolkata/westbengal] i am doing my post graduation in ophthalmology,will i be able to go abroad for further studies or for job
Question:jahangir alam:Burdwan: [M-02-02-1967/03.45AM/Burdwan] NEED GOOD BUSSINESS FOR EARN MONEY
Question:nitesh srivastava:bangalore: [M-04-09-1988/04:41 pm/meerut, uttar pradesh] i had btech in electronics and communication. i was doing an job everything was good but suddenly company terminates me without giving experience letter. now i have nothing to do. even now i am facing finanacial crisis. i req
Question:Kumar:Goa: [M-30/10/1981/1.45/Mumbai] When I will get married
Question:Bharath Kumar.s:Bangalore: [M-04-09-1995/2:00AM/Kolar] About my life,studiesand feature
Question:Giridhar reddy:Andhra Pradesh: [M-16-09-1970/03.26 am/palakollu] When will my job will stabilized
Question:SHRADDHA GUPTE:THANE : [F-06-07-1976/08:43 AM /PUNE ] Will I get married to the person i love
Question:Kumaresh das:durgapur: [M-1/9/1994/4:45 am/durgapur,west bengal] when I will get government job?
Question:Sunakshi sukhija:Chandigarh: [F-09-06-1992/3:30PM/Chandigarh] I have given my CA final exams this november 2016 and I want to know if I will pass the exams , when the result is declared in january 2017 ?
Question:shilpa:banglore: [F-14-12-1985/8:05PM/vishakhapatnam] my friend is avoiding me and doesnt talk to me anymore. Will both of us become friends again?
Question:shuchi mishra:noida: [F-12-10-1984/6:58 PM/delhi] when will I go abroad
Question:Anwesha Ghosh:Delhi: [F-30/04/1992/9:48 AM/West Bengal] When Will I pass company segetary examination completely
Question:saranya:Delhi: [F-28/08/1969/3.30 AM/coimbatore tamil nadu] when will i get my transfer back to my hometown
Question:chandrix:sri lanka: [F-20.07.1969/13.32/colombo] will I get married?
Question:ARPAN:Kanchrapara: [M-05-07-1987/8.30 AM/siuri] business career
Question:RAJAT:GHAZIABAD: [M-19-02-1962/23:40/mariani, sibsagar, assam] finalcial calamity - pl. advice what to do ? which business will be favavourable?
Question:dinesh kumar:nalagarh , himachal pardesh: [M-01/12/1984/09.05 pm/behror ; alwar, rajasthan] kya mere kundali main bussniss ke yog hain hain to konsi field main or kab ya phir govt job ke yog hain or kab abi private job kar rahan hun
Question:Hansdeep Kaur Brar:Edmonton: [F-04-03-1985/7:37 PM/Dhuri, Punjab] When I will be get a permanent job in my filed and of my interest? Till now I just got 1 permanent position and it was not in my field and of my interest. Now again I have to get a contract position. Being a women I need a permanent j
Question:SOURABH KUMAR JAIN:Noida: [M-13-08-1986/22:24/Vidisha] Doing job but Want to do business and live with family including parents in hometown. When it will be possible along with good finance so that can manage family expenses as well
Question:Shubham Kumar Sanan:Shimla: [M-27-09-1995/08:40 PM/Shimla, Himachal Pradesh] hello sir, i would like to ask about my job that when will i get job and will be get a job overseas after some time.
Question:kranthi kumar :yellareddy : [M-14 March 1993/01;30Am/nizamabad (Andhrapradesh )] when come good days in my life when settle my life am facing lot of problems I no have father when get my grandfather property
Question:V premalatha:Erode: [F-23/09/1967/03.01AM/Coimbatore] Shall start bussines or go to job
Question:shiv:ludhiana: [M-19-03-1980/23:31/sujangarh dt. churu ( Rajasthan)] i have rahu mahadasa in next year is this dasa is good or bad for me and effect on me
Question:Sampath:hyderabad: [M-12-01-1990/6:55 am/hyderabad , telangana] when will i get job in public sector bank
Question:Aashi :Jamshedpur : [F-11-03-1997/05:15 am/Bihar Sharif, Bihar ] From what exact age will I start earning my own money?
Question:Renu Kuhar:Kolkata: [F-23-3-1990/6:55pm/Kolkata] I am not able to get job nd i m looking from a long time..i just wanted to know that when do i will get start earning nd in which field should i start working to get success nd food money..
Question:Gaurav:Pune: [M-06-09-1988/20:45/Karjat] When will I get married?
Question:jeetendra:nagpur: [M-15-05-1981/7:33 PM/nagpur maharashtra india] when will i get married?
Question:mehaboob :BANGLORE: [M-10-01-1990/2:40 am/manipal, udupi , Karnataka] when will I get a job
Question:jaya priya:neyveli: [F-19-05-1994/4:45pm/thiruvarur] job
Question:Swagata Basak:Kolkata: [F-05.05.1993/01.04pm/Kolkata] When is my marriage????
Question:Marijana:Belgrade: [F-27-10-1992/2:40 pm/Serbia] will i ever get married?
Question:Bharath:Mangalore: [M-05/07/1982/11.10AM/Bellary, Karnataka] i want to change residence from mangalore to chennai . does chennai is compatible accoring to astrology
Question:m kumar:solapur: [M-13-02-1971/1 pm/allahabad, up] when my marital problem will be solved by mutual or by court
Question:Arshpreet kaur:amritsar: [F-30-6-1994/2:20 pm/barnala] my married life is full with problems why this happen my husband not understand me Please sir guide me
Question:Kanika rana:Chandigarh: [F-11 05 1991/12 50 pm/Hamirpur himachal pradesh] I m preparing for judiciary .will i be able to crack dis xam
Question:get:DELHI : [F-11/1/1991/4 AM /PAURI GARHWAL] government jobs as per job chances
Question:Pratibha Saxena:Bareilly: [F-06/11/1974/13:52:14/Lucknow] when i can change my job for betterment
Question:SACHIN:BHARMAR,HIMACHAL PRADESH : [M-21-09-1991/12:05 P.M/CHANDIGARH ] Sir I'm unemployed since 2014 when will i get a job ?
Question:Luv Kaushok:Dombivli, Thane: [M-27-01-1977/03:05 am/Andheri, Mumbai] When will I have stability and satisfaction in my career?
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - Soon you will get
Question:Nirav:Anand, Gujarat: [M-01-02-1989/9:20/Uttarsanda, kheda, Gujarat] When will I get married?
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - after 2018
Question:amita sharma:Delhi: [F-18/09/1972/07.47/Hamirpur, H.P] Why am I negative person, jealous, low self esteemed, fickle minded and weak charactered personis it due to circumstance or destined. How to be a best person i,e improve myself.
Answer:Uthrashada star - Scorpio moon sign - Try Yoga
Question:Rashid mahmood:Al-Riyadh. Saudi Arabia: [M-01-03-1986/8:45 am/Sialkot] Am I victim of black magic, ghosts or evil eye or stars problems??? Because I have too much problems in my financial and health issues.domestic disputes
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Possible
Question:Blessy mole kuttiyil Abraham :Cochin: [F-26-12-1989/08.15 am/Mumbai] Waiting for job offer when will I get in I'm desperately waiting???
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - Try to change your place and try job somewhere else
Question:sayan pakrashi :jalpaiguri : [M-24-10-1991/07:10am/Kolkata,west Bengal ] can i get govt job
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Possible
Question:Harsimran:Chandigarh: [F-02-09-1996/8:10pm/Chandigarh,chandigarh] How will be my life partner?
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Good
Question:shaik sharfunisha:rly kodur: [F-6/7/1996/10pm/chittoor,andhra pradesh] how is my marraige life
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - good
Question:Pardeep:Chandigarh: [M-01-04-1968/14:38/Delhi] I lost my job in Oct 2015, I am trying since then without sucess
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Improvement after March 2017
Question:S.SIJIYUKTI:coimbatore: [F-07-07-2010/12:43 AM/coimbatore] Dear sir, my daughter s.sijiyukti physically challenged, will she be get cured. how her life would be?
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Generally good
Question:Preeti bura:Delhi: [F-15-09-1991/5:50 AM/Hisar, haryana] When will i get government job
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - Favourable period has started
Question:n:Pune: [F-06-09-1981/03:33/Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh] I want to shift to abroad
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Try before May 2017
Question:jaya:Pune: [F-12-10-1977/9.30 PM/Vileparle, Mumbai] When will I get Job in 2017? I am jobless from 2014.
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - Period is not for next 2 years. Try to compromise in a job
Question:jalindar:vambori,ahmednagar,maharashtra: [M-13-7-1995/6:25 am/ahmednagar,vambori] when will i get job? I am from maharashtra
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign- Now this period is favourable
Question:Hardeep Singh :Patiala : [M-14-12-1989/9:25 PM /Patiala ] When will I get Govt Job? Sitting idle for more than 4 years.
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Perform Durga pooja. Good period will start after one year.
Question:ankita:pune: [F-04-07-1996/11:05 am/maharashtra] i want my marraige year
Answer:Dhanishta star - Aquarius moon sign - Chances for love marriage next year
Question:mukesh :gurgaon: [M-17-03-1973/06;50 am/faridabad, haryana] problem in career sitting idle. remedies
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - After May will improve
Question:kalawati:Kathmandu : [F-15/11/1988/7 am/kathmandu nepal] when will I get government job
Answer:Uthrashada star - Capricorn moon sign - chances for govt job are low
Question:SARAVANAN PS:nagercoil: [M-02-01-1974/6.58 am/madurai] Dear Sir, kindly confirm me any job change from present company to any other company is possible or not as I am not at all interested in present employment due to more pressure. I also trying for other government jobs which will be possible or n
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - Tough period for another 10 months
Question:Arka Mukherjee:Kolkata: [M-23-04-1988/00:40 a.m/Bandel,Hugli,West bengal] which stone i will put in my hand if red coral and Ruby is good for me???
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Rubi is good
Question:Bijil:Trivandrum: [M-02-03-1991/02:55AM/Trivandrum, Kerala] Whether my horoscope is sudhajahakam or not?
Answer:Uthrapalguni star - Virgo moon sign - You are in sarpa dosha dasa in 2nd house
Question:SUBHASIS DAS:WEST BENGALI: [M-26-08-1990/00.15AM/BURDWAN] when get govt job
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - try in 2019
Question:Dushyant Sharma:Neemrana: [M-07-06-1961/12:45 PM/Agra] When my financial crisis will be over?
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - After Surya dasa ends
Question:Suvra Mitra:Kolkata, Talygonj: [F-04/06/1974/1;30 pm/Chandigarh (punjab)] In Which Year I Will Get Government Job?
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Next years are not favourable
Question:Bharathi :kattumannarkoil, Cuddalore district : [M-24.01.1995/3.30 pm /ariyalur district, Tamil nadu ] hi sir. I'm Bharathi, thulam rasi, suvathi natchathiram. I'm complete BE civil. I interested in civil when I am starting to study. and also having interest in camera and direction. now I'm fully
Answer:You can get opportunities in cine field
Question:Amit Bal:South DumDum: [M-13-03-1990/9:30 PM/Kolkata, West Bengal] Will I get any permanant government service or not ? Is there any chance of getting permanant government service in India or not ??
Answer:Chithrai star - Virgo moon sign - Sure
Question:Mohan:Chennai: [M-28-June-1990/8.45AM/Tamil nadu] when my life change
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo moon sign - Peaceful period after 4 years
Question:santanu Dasgupta :Kolkata : [M-11-12-1970/8:40 pm/Rourkela,Sundergarh,Odisha ] I am without a job for one month and my economic condition is deterioating day by day.W hen shall I get a new job??
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - You will get after Jan
Question:arjun Pandey:Rupandehi: [M-08/01/1980/07:15 AM/Mariani, Assam, India] Dear Guru Ji I am from Nepal. I was born in India and now living in Nepal. I am applying for working visa in Australia. I want to know if i will get the visa. Please suggest.
Answer:Uthrapalguni star - Leo moon sign - Chances after March
Question:rashid mahmood:al-riyadh: [M-01-03-1986/08:45 am/sialkot, pakistan] when i will overcome on my enemies because they are trying to disturbing my life???
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Next year August you will succeed
Question:sayan pakrashi :jalpaiguri : [M-24/10/1991/07:10 am/Calcutta wb] can i built own beautiful home
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Possible in next year
Question:Vineet:Chandigarh: [M-18-09-1985/11:55 PM/Chandigarh] Will i get good government job in my entire life?
Answer:Visaka star - Libra moon sign - Possible
Question:KGSRINIVASAN:CHENNAI: [M-30-03-1969/10:30 AM/CHENNAI] When can I get a good job
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - You can get a job in Jan. Worship Lord Muruga
Question:Roopal Bakshi:Pune: [F-26/01/1993/16:30/Ranchi] When will I get a job of my choice
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - Possible within one year
Question:AYAN:Kolkata: [M-25/05/1993/10:26AM/kolkata] when will I get a govt job and what gem stones should I use?
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Not indicated
Question:shiva kumar:coimbatore: [M-22-12-1982/06:15 PM/COIMBATORE] how would be my future shall i continue my job or think about business
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - Business after 2018
Question:satish:Hyderabad: [M-06-06-1977/11:30 PM/Hyderabad] do i pass in exam
Answer:Dhanishta star - Capricorn moon sign - Rare
Question:Rao Shreeraj Kumar:Kundapur Tq, Udupi Dist,Karnataka: [M-09/11/1992/6:44PM/Thane,Mahatrastra] 2010 i joined diploma.. out of final year. but didn't clear diploma subjects 9 remaining.. will i get into Btech? after diploma business?or job in Dubai/Singapor?
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Your good period starts after the age of 26
Question:Ankush kumar vasishat :solan, HP: [M-02-11-1991/00:29 AM/Nangal dam, dist ropar, punjab,india] Sir I am preparing for civil services examination will I be able to clear the exam and become an IAS or an IPS officer or should I pursue some other currier please guide sir
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo moon sign - Try Govt job
Question:Meena:USA: [F-01-09-1989/9.00 am/Tirunelveli] Married for 3 years. No baby yet. My husband born nov 27 1988, 1.23pm in Madurai. When will I get pregnant?
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo moon sign - Next year possible

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