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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.
Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.

TO BE HAPPY, CREATE A HAPPY CLIMATE BY HELPING other humans, animals, birds and nature

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Question:Dhara swami:Gujarat : [F-12-09-2005 /12AM/Jaipur ] Mere or bf ke bich bohot jagdo ke baad achse baat honi chalu hui thi but itne achse na jitna socha tha vo abhi bhi freely bat na krta kuvh share na kar raha...kab vo phle jesa hoga humare bich kab sab acha hone lagega kab vo spark vapis ayga.....me
Question:Suma ns:Bangalore: [F-02-06-1993/4:45AM/Avadi tamil nadu] I have received one proposal is this the right soulmate for me?
Answer:We have to check both charts
Question:Diti:Clearwater : [F-12-02-1986/8.34 am/Ahmedabad/ Gujarat] When will I get a job ?
Question:Ritu :Chandigarh: [F-23.05.1975/8.45 pm/Chandigarh] Can I succeed in politics
Question:vineel tej:kankipadu: [M-01-04-1998/04:54 PM/vijayawada] higher education
Question:Sabbir Morshed :Dhaka: [M-01-07-1986/07 PM/Dinajpur, Bangladesh ] Will I get my money back & when i will get that (5 years ago some of my business partners cheated with me by embezzled my money and there i was invest lots of Money, i submitted a court case Against them)? Will I be
Question:Kiruthika :Madurai: [F-14/11/1997/19.10 pm /Madurai Tamil Nadu ] When will I get married exact year and month of my marriage?
Question:Svetambar:Thane: [M-02-07-1976/00:50 AM/Calcutta] when I will get a good stable job?
Question:Nishchay Patawari :East Delhi : [M-29-01-1992 /04:40:40 /DELHI ] When will I get my own business? Is trading business of mobile accessories or electronics products good for me
Question:Maheswari:Hyderabad: [F-23-10-1984/10.30 PM/Bhongir] Planning to sell parents house but not happening and when can this be done
Answer:Chithrai star - Virgo moon sign - Period starts from October
Question:Shagun :Ludhiana : [F-13-03-2003/3.05 Am/Ludhiana Punjab ] Will I get goverment job or private job.when will I get .
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - Pvt job in a Big company. Period starts next year
Question:Thangaraj:Tiruppur: [M-16/11/1985/3:30 /Bengaluru] I need to know about job and income hike
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Salary hike after November 10th
Question:Rinu sehgal:New delhi: [F-30/05/1979/10.35am/Kolkata] When will I get a new job
Answer:Pushyam star - Cancer moon sign - you can get a job after 15 fays
Question:Varsha gill:Dehradun : [F-27/01/1996/16:00/Dehradun ] I want to know that my future husband will be from rich family owning their own business
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - you can expect marriage next year from a rich family
Question:Naziya Nasreen :: [F-28/07/2000/11:30 Am /Cuttack Odisha India ] Mere boyfriend Jamsed Saha mujhe kab tak contact karenge... Kay soch rhe Hain mujhe lekar unke zindagi main ... Baat kab karenge contact kab tak karenge ... Kabhi chordpyenge mujhe ya nhi
Answer:Mrigasirsam star - Gemini moon sign - He will come back after 2 months
Question:Aastha Sharma:Brampton, canada: [F-11-05-1993/02:15 AM/Gurdaspur] Will my married life will continue or I will get divorced? Does my husband still love me and want me back?
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - No advantage continuing marriage. Divorce is indicated.
Question:Abhiraj bhardwaz :Godda: [M-24/3/1998/4:7 Am/Godda] Breakup with my partner will be together when ?
Answer:Krithika star - Tautus moon sign - very soon you will be together
Question:Divya:Hoshiarpur : [F-05-03-1992/11.02pm/Ludhiana/punjab] I am dentist . Whether i do my business or job or will i be a homemaker only?
Answer:Uthrabadra star - Pisces moon sign - Temporarily you can go to a job
Question:Adyasree Sahoo:Kolkata : [F-30/03/2005/3:00/Balasore ] Will i ever be blackmail by someone..for me will my family prestige will go...who will be that person who will black mail me...
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Possible now by your close circle. By God's grace you can overcome
Question:Pushkar anant joglekar :Pune city: [M-27/11/1997/5:50 am/Pune,Maharashtra ] in which year I will travel in other country for job?I learned spanish.I learn java scripts.I have many Friends from other countries.
Answer:Chithrai star - Libra moon sign - try after one year. You will get s chance. Not now
Question:Vijay kumar:Ludhiana: [M-30-09-1971/9:20pm/Ludhiana,punjab] When i ll get rid of my financial problems
Answer:Saravanan star - Capricorn moon sign- Financially recover from 2026

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