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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:harsimran kaur:chandigarh: [F-02-09-1996/8:10 PM/chandigarh,chandigarh] when will i get a good job?
Question:Rashi:Bhopal: [F-24-12-1989/03:02/Ranchi,Bihar] please tell me when i will be getting married and to whom
Question:D Devarajan:Madurai:+ [M-14-08-1961/4.26a.m/Piranmalai,Singampunari] No permanent job . For the past four years no job. request your advise. Now interested to do export business in small level. Please advise job or business.
Question:Shailender:Delhi:+ [M-04-04-1985/08:07 am/Madubani, Bihar] Which professional course should I do in which I can achieve best result
Question:pranaykumar:huzrabad:F [M-05-06-1994/12:20am/telangana] Whn will i get gvt job
Question:Piyali Chakraborty.:Kolkata:+ [F-28.07.1983/3.45 a.m./Gaya] when will i get baby ? And my career forecasting ?
Question:alpana:sharjha:+ [F-29/11/1980/09:36 PM/durgapur,west bangal] my current job will continue?
Question:Uttma Shukla:New Delhi:+ [F-04-04-1989/04:42 PM/Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh] When will I clear my final exams.
Question:Ganga:Bangalore:+ [F-04-05-1983/1:30 pm/Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu] I had an unhappy married life, now seeking divorce. I am suffering from ill health also. Looking for second marriage. Will I get the divorce? Will my health issues solve? Will my second marriage happen? If yes when all will be cleare
Question:Puja banik:Kolkata:F [F-02-10-1992/3 am/Kolkata] Will i pass my frst year M.A exam which is going to start from 21st oct 2016 and will end on 27th oct?
Question:Romita das:Guwahati:+ [F-30-04-1989/3: 45/Duliajan] Will i have arranged or love marriage?
Question:maha:tirunelveli :+ [F-17.12.1986/3.45 Am /tirunelveli ] Hi sir, when I will get married and to whom?
Question:gopal sharma:jaipur:+ [M-10-7-1980/7:35[AM]/nimkathana, sikar, rajsthan] sir. my name gopal. i have no job in Present time. i want know which one field of my profession.which profession luky sucessful for me. please give answer.
Question:Suvra Mitra:Prince Anwarshah Road(Tollygonj), Kol-700033:F [F-04/06/1974/1;30 pm/Chandigarh (punjab)] I pass west bengal school service Upper Primary TET Exam, Will i get this government job in 2016 ?
Question:Parminder Nagpal:Ludhiana.:F [F-19/01/1974/21.25A.M/Punjab.] Hello sir whether i will get govt job or not or do my own work.I am teacher by profession.
Question:Gaurav Loomba:Faridabad (Haryana):+ [M-12-11-1976/09:56/New Delhi] In which field i will lead a happy and prosperous life .ie in business or in job
Question:s.jayachandran:chennai:+ [M-25-06-1986/01-50 pm/mannargudi,tamilnadu] kedhu thosam ulladha?
Question:Ravisasidhar:Prathipadu:F [M-22-05-1998/6-09 am/Prathipadu eastgodavari andhra pradesh] How is my study is there any disturbance & may i get good job.
Question:Sangeeta:Maharashtra mumbai:F [F-25/02/1977/09 am/Mumbai , sion] Will i pass my pramotion exam
Question:Vaibhav Sharma:Lucknow:F [M-02-06-1992/03:45 PM/Hardoi,Uttar Pradesh] I am btech(computer science) student but I want to make career in movies as an Actor so please tell me which career should I choose and if possible please tell me any remedy so that I can easily make career in movies.
Question:Pooja:Mumbai:+ [F-15-07-1994/00:15 am/Mumbai, Maharashtra, India] I want to know how will be my career. Will I even work in future? I am studying 2 professional course. One is law which is smoothly going. And the other one is company secretary where I am facing lots of obstacles to would b
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - Two Planets in Libra strongly supporting Law.
Question:vishal:nawalgarh:+ [M-15-11-1989/07:15am/jhunjhunu ,rajasthan] Will I get a government job in upcoming future?
Answer:Krithika star - Taurus moon sign - Possibility low
Question:jayanthi:anantapur:F [F-22-08-1991/1:15/guntakal,Andhra Pradesh] when willl I get a government job ?
Answer:Poorvashaada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Not possible
Question:Bishun deo Roy :Guwahati :+ [M-30.11.1979/4.15am/Bihar muzaffarpur ] My future government job possible
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - Possible
Question:Sreeparvathi:Marthandam:+ [F-19-03-1997/12:00pm/Kanyakumari dist,Tamilnadu] Will i pass my first year mbbs exam 2016?
Answer:Pushyam star - Cancer moon sign - Period is disturbing till November. Work hard.
Question:YUDHISTIRA SAHU:keonjhar(odisha):+ [M-17-07-1997/AM/keonjhar(odisha)] men ek ledkiko pyar kar ranhaho .uski nam RUBI.ho mera bachwan ka friend ho..lekin ho mereko pyar karranhe ya nenhi..jab uska namm fokranhaho usi time se mera dill ka dhadkan joor se bajranhanhe..hamara gaon ka ho ek khob surat le
Answer:No birth time
Question:swathika:tirunelveli:F [F-05-03-9-1991/09:30am/tirunelveli] my marriage
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - in 2018
Question:poonam:new delhi:F [F-23.07.1988/4:55 am/pune, maharastra] she z having prblms in getting marriage?? wen will she get married nd will she have love marriage??
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Jupiter is favourable. Will fix soon
Question:Rashi :Madhya Pradesh:F [F-24-12-1989/03:02 AM/Ranchi,Bihar] When i will get married and to whom ?
Answer:Visaka star - Libra moon sign - Period starts from March 2017
Question:sonal sahare: bhandara:+ [M-17-4-1986/00:00 am/bhandara] i am mechanical engineer, when i got job or where
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - The period up to April 2017 is average. Soon you can get a job
Question:Khyati:Bhusawal :+ [F-06/06/1996/02:55/Bhusawal ] When I will get married??
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - Before June
Question:lakshmi:tirunelveli :F [F-17.12.1987/3.45am/tirunelveli ] when marriage will happen and reasonibg for its delay
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Next year
Question:sirisha:secunderabad:F [F-19-11-1994/5:07 PM/secunderabad] when will i get married?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Next year
Question:vangala sreenivasamurthy :Tirupati :+ [M-12-04-1962/01-55AM/Guntur, Andhra Pradesh ] when my ongole house will be sold
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - before feb 2017
Question:kumaresh das:durgapur:+ [M-1/9/1994/4:45 Am/durgapur,burdwan,west bengal] I will get goverment job this year
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - No
Question:GNANA VAITHA:KHAMMAM:F [F-04-09-1991/8.30pm/khammam,telangana] respected sir,please tell me..when will i get government job?
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Try Next year
Question:renu: hyderabad:F [F-30/06/1991/12:10/hyderabad] when will I get married. How Will my future life partner? when I get job career
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - you will get a job soon
Question:Maninder:LUDHIANA:F [M-27-10-1977/08:00 AM/LUDHIANA] What is the Scope of Own Business of Civil Construction & When it will start
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - continue job for next few years
Question:poonam:punjab:F [F-9.9.1980/9.25 p.m./Adampur punjab] i applied family reunion visa for germany but facing so much problem in appointment etc. kindly guide me what to do. when will i go to my husband.
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo moon sign - 2018 year end
Question:Chandrashekhar Desai:Pune:+ [M-05-02-1975/11:55 PM/Kolhapur, maharashtra] Unemployed since 1 year When will I get the job with good salary ?
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - Next one year period is not favourable
Question:Prakriti:Allahabad:F [F-24-03-1994/09:01 am/Allahabad] Meri love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage meri shadi kab hogi?
Answer:Ashlesha star - Cancer moon sign - Love marriage, next year
Question:Shekhar Sharma :Howrah, West Bengal :+ [M-30-10-1989/12:30 am/Calcutta, West Bengal ] Can i become an elite sports person if not then what to do next to improve my life?
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Yes you can
Question:Manish Pathak:New Delhi:+ [M-17/12/1989/12:30Noon/New Delhi] When will i get a job Govt Or Private?
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign- You will get soon
Question:shusheel patel:bhopal:+ [M-06/05/1994/8:00 am/chhapara dist chhatarpur mp] career, preparing for upsc
Answer:Purvabadra star - Pisces moon sign - Will get a Govt Job
Question:Deepa :Kathmandu :+ [F-29-06-1980/6.45 AM/Calcutta ] I am struggling with my higher study (ACCA) and in married life. I am very frustrated Will my life end this way?
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Worship Mahalakshmi
Question:khushboo:Banglore:+ [F-18-06-1989/10.5 AM/Dehri Bihar] Job kb milegi ar kis feild mai
Answer:Jyeshta star - Scorpio moon sign - Finance Related
Question:bibhuti bhusan swain::+ [M-06-11-1992/12.40 AM/chhatrapur , odisha] About futre
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - Good
Question:Mamta:dinanagar, gurdaspur, punjab, india:+ [F-25-02-1992/7pm/dinanagar, gurdaspur, punjab, india] when i will get a govt job or where which sector
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Possible
Question:sonal sahare:bhandara:F [M-17-4-1986/00:00am/bhandara,mh] i am mechanical engineer, but i am searching for job, when i get job ,or where ? sir i have any chance for govt job,
Answer:Punarvasu star - Gemini moon sign - Try a Pvt Job
Question:shishir:Mumbai:F [M-04-03-1980/18:54/udipi] have been loosing huge money doing share trading since last 4 months, shall is stop?
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - Not a good period now. Wait for 2 years.

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