Impact of Vastu on our Psyche

Have you noticed how birds build their nests? They are exceptionally skilled architects. Are they trained in any schools like we, humans? The sturdy, beautiful nests make us wonder, how has it happened? It is innate, in their DNA. They need protection from weather. Do you have time to think about animals and their shelter? They have the natural habitat like holes in the ground to caves, nests and trees. They need shelter during hot days. Predator’s interventions are to be avoided.

Bees live in colonies with several hundred sharing the same nest. They build nest on trees, ground or building. Just like animals the nomads stayed wherever they journeyed to make a living, in the past. They lived in caravans, make-shift home. We are not nomads leading a devil-may-care attitude. Once man lived in caves. Next he shifted his location to hut just to hoard and sleep. The rest, he spent his life amidst nature. Modern man differs from the past. He needs everything inside his home. Our psychological need may be fulfilled in an ideal home.

Vasthu is a Sanskrit word means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. Vasthu Sasthra (architecture) is a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings, based on earth’s vibration according to landscape. The sage Mayan in South and Viswakarma in north India paved a way to the foundation of Vasthu. Once it was strictly adhered to the temple construction, but gradually it casts its spell on houses, apartments and other buildings. In Indian architecture, the dwelling is a human temple. It is not a shelter to rest and eat. A spiritual air to be felt with by a dweller to keep him spiritually intact and prosperous. Vasthu is an architect of your destiny as it focuses on the solar and cosmic energies shower positive energy on you.
According to Vasthu Sastra, the Pancha Bootha, five basic elements, occupy the world. They are earth (bhoomi), water (jala), air (vayu), fire (agni) and space (akash). The earth is a big magnet with north and south poles as centres of attractions. Rain, river, sea, ice, liquid comprise water. Air is a life supporting element. Day and night, seasons, passion and heat represent fire. Sound light, psychological energies, intuition specify space. These elements should be balanced to promote our physical and emotional well-being. The imbalance of any element will result in accidents, emotional turmoil or physical collapse.

The legend of Vasthu Purusha was once a formless being blocked the heaven from the earth and Brahma with many other gods trapped him to the ground. This is seen in the Vasthu Purusha Mandala with portions allocated hierarchically to each deity based on their positions. It is pivotal. Brahma occupies the central position, when all the other 32 deities occupy the corresponding other positions. Kubera rules the north; Yama at the south; Indra at the east; Varuna occupies the west; Shiva is at the north east and south west is allocated for Pitru. Vasthu purusha is the presiding deity, depicted as lying with the head in the north east and legs in the south west but he keeps changing positions throughout the year.

The meaning of Vasthu is dwelling which is the home for god and humans. In the world, there are solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, light energy, magnetic energy and wind energy. The house should not be too much airy. The house should be neither dark nor bright with sun light penetration. It should be moderate with light and air. As for as plots are concerned, they should be either square or rectangle regular shape. North-east is an ideal place for water resource. It is not good place for planting trees. East and north are the best for erecting windows. The western must be elevated than eastern side and southern must be elevated than North to determine the auspiciousness.

Home is a place where you need physical and emotional protection. Peace of mind you get only in an ideal environment. At work spot you need to compromise your comfort whereas home is a place where you expect relaxed, soothing climate to touch your heart. Things nicely arranged in a home reflect your mind. The colours mirror what sort of a person you are. The bright colours boost your hot temper to be argumentative. Of course your blood pressure will also shoot up. The dull grey colors, may turn you to be pensive. Each room needs to carry a hue suits the mood of your action for which it represents. The colour will have a say on your qualities – be it saintly or criminal activities. The Vasthu specialist could easily identify the physical deformities of the dweller by the map of the house.

Horoscope & Vasthu

Horoscope Vastu
Our horoscopes have got a compatibility with Vasthu. The planets in your horoscope, determines your atmosphere. Some houses suit a particular type of horoscope. You might have heard people saying, ‘This house is very lucky for me. It augurs well and I got settled only after having purchased it.’ Your vibration should match the landscape. If not problems may arise.

Psychic Vasthu

Vasthu does create a psychic impact on every individual. As soon as you enter into the portal, the psycho vasthu analysist predicts the attitude of the person by the way the objects are being placed. By changing things in a different order, may decrease the violence at home and the verbal onslaught between couples. The disarray of objects, lighting arrangements, air circulation and shades of colour will play a havoc on your psyche. The objects are a mere reflection of your mental state.

The growth in studies is assured for children with a light touch in the environment by a psychic Vasthu analyst. Their confidence will be boosted to the optimum level. Your finance will be booming. There is a harmony in the family life under his guidance.