Cesarean Baby Birth

‘Men are April when they woo,
December when they wed;
Maids are May when they are maids
But the sky changes when they are wives.’ -- Shakespeare

Marriages – be it conventional or modern, unite a man and a woman to make a family in a social fabric. Their bond goes thicker, when the third member comes out of the wedlock. It is a baby, who will give a complete picture to their happy union. The birth of a child touches the emotional chords of a couple. The journey, on the way to see a baby, is an envious joyful roller coaster ride. Each minute evokes a mixed feel which could be understood and shared.

‘A baby fills a hole in your heart that you didn’t know was there.’ With the congratulatory notes the couples’ expectations ramp up, which in turn will be very thrilling. The pregnant woman undergoes an inexplicable fear mixed with joy of a new life stirring inside. A playful kick reminds her that she is not alone. On the flip side, the delivery pain causes a mental agony as it is seen on the moives and heard from neighbours. She can neither concentrate on work nor on family activities. It is called as tokophobia, a deep-seated dread of child birth.

The expectant mother is treated with dignity in all the places she moves about. Everybody at home pampers her with the niceties. Neighbours inquire about the physical status. Advices pile on her from all the quarters. Motherhood makes her feel very proud. The cusp of motherhood is understood by a woman at this phase. The mother is an embodiment of sacrifice. It gradually gets into her skin. The selfless attitude starts creeping into her and transforms her to sacrifice delicacies of her wish for the sake of the baby in her womb. Her primary concern is to deliver a healthy baby rather than her whims and fancies. Her ambition to touch the ladder of success in her career takes a backseat. Now her only anxiety is what sort of a delivery she is going to have? Normal or scissors?

Normal Delivery or Cesarean

In the past normal delivery was the best option as there was no medical development. At times, it was risky. Now-a-days cesarean births are the best choice of a mother. It is done by a surgical incision on mother’s tummy, where her safety along with the kid will be assured. In a joint family, there was no specific expectation regarding the future of a baby from the side of the couples. In a nuclear system, the parents are free to cherry pick the options for their babies. From the moment of confirmation till the birth of a baby, the couples start making their wish list of education and career, they are going to provide for the baby. Their sole aim in life is to work for the happiness of their child. Their mental agony is whether the child will live a prosperous life in future. Is there any option left to write their destiny? If it were there, they would be the first to change it positively. Of course they are not defying the Almighty, God. They invoke Him to stand by their side to wish their baby all the pleasures on earth.

Lucky Time for Delivery

In Cesarean delivery, the doctors observe the growth of child and fix a few days option for delivery. It is a godsend message to the couples that they can pick and choose an auspicious day within the stipulated period. Of course in the short span of time, great yogas may not be found. But a better future of a baby can be assured of by the astrologer.

It is hard task for an astrologer to make a thorough study before selecting a date of delivery, out of a few due dates. His aim is to bring forth a fortunate baby who will transform the earth to be a better place to live in. He will turn out to be a good Samaritan, if he is born under a lucky star. The astrologer could predict his education, career and finance by analyzing the planets at the period of delivery. It is challenging to assure the baby of a happy family life.

Delivery Time Finding - Is it worth?

The question, now, pops in your mind is whether it is worth choosing a date of delivery under the guidance of an astrologer. It is a proven fact that the stars will have a say on the future of a baby. Hasn’t anybody wanted a smart baby? If your answer is ‘yes’, trust the astrologer to fix a date and have your lucky baby, as 'a baby’s smile melts the heart and calms the soul'.

Role of Astrologer

The surgeon attends cesarean only during a day time of 12 hours, say from 8am to 8 pm. For 12 hours normally 6 lagnas are to be analysed. In a week duration 7 x 6 = 42 lagnas are to be analysed. To study advantages of these 42 horoscopes, the learned astrologers usually take one day.

Sometimes emergency situation may arise which will force to go for C section within a day. On that day itself your astrologer should help you find the best time.

Can we select Cesarean during Auspicious days?

No, for functions like marriage, we fix muhurtham, i.e. good time. No need to look for Rahu Kala and Yama Kanda. Here planetary strength is important and the birth chart will give the future predictions.

Lucky Dates with Time

Cesarean Time Fixing
For the above date best time is 06.30 am to 07.30 am - Jyeshta star - Vrichika Rasi
Also the following points are to be verified.

Health Aspect & Longevity
Family Life

Future Planning

Couples can plan ahead to have Raja Yoga (luckiest) babies  before conception. In delayed pregnancies, the causes which hinder the issues will be found and rectified, if it were God’s will.

How to Consult Astrologer YOGI

For Cesarean consultation send the following details to WhatsApp No. 9884188679
1. Father & Mother's Birth Details
2. Duration of Dates
3. Doctor's Available timings - eg 7 am to 6 pm
4. Birth Place of the C-Section Baby

Then Transfer Consultation Fee of Rs.1,500/- to the following Account.

K. YOGI, State Bank of India, S.B.  A/c No. 20144712584,
Chromepet Branch Code: 13383,
IFSC: SBIN0013383. GPay: 9884188679

After the money transfer you will get advice in one day over phone.

Lord Krishna