Showbiz Astrology

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know" – John Keats

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All of us are robotic like gravitating towards larger than life image. The cameras move the imaginations of many getting a tangible form. They zoom in on the things that can’t be perceived by our human eye. Beauty, beauty, beauty….. seen everywhere in this portal. The scriptures mentioned about how the celestial maiden (nymph/apsara) were sent to seduce men. The Hindus may correlate them as Ramba, Menaka and Urvasi. The Greek mythology mentioned Callisto, Daphne and Syrinx as nymphs.

Today the camera man does the same job of pulling everybody under his world and make them live in a dream world. We are in awe at the beauties move around as if they were supra human. Not all the beauties but a gifted handful can only step into the world of glitz. Have the cameras stolen the poetic eyes? If not, how could they give definition for beauty? How could they capture every move of the mental image to a shape? Is it real or dream?

Our Affinity for Utopia

Our life on earth is an endless toil. It is human to indulge mostly in dreams as reality is bitter. Poetry is one such medium helps us forgetting worries. Wordsworth says, ‘Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting’. Poets paved way for us to float on air feeling light. In Utopia, Thomas More says, ‘a pretty face may be enough to catch a man’. To Milton ‘Beauty is Nature’s coin’. According to John Keats, ‘Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter’. Wordsworth captures the scenic panorama. The poets personify the objects they see. They give flesh and blood to their images which could be felt and seen only by those who share the similar feel. What about others? The silver screen offers a chance for all of us to enjoy our life for a brief moment. The cutting and polishing of a diamond add its sparkle. The camera and the direction transform the real life personalities as reel heros. A kind of mystery looms large in all of us pronouncing the word ‘celluloid’. With a dab of grease paint, an actress could waltz through a silver screen hypnotizes as stars on the sky.

How to enter into cine field?

You can kick start your career in acting or modelling as they don’t expect any specific qualification or age limit or any type of course. All you have to do is to make a good portfolio and hand it out to the directors or the fashion houses. The traits in demand are healthy, complexion, good height, good body structure and photogenic. It is an alluring field with many opportunities to travel and take a hefty pay packages. There is a cut-throat competition, unpredictable work schedule and stress. Getting the right break into the glamorous domain will never be the be all and end all in life. There is a demand for a lot of patience, grooming, developing personality, make-up tips and of course a strong self-trust. Despite all this, good luck, timing and physical attributes as a whole will help a man thrive in the Showbiz.
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Planetary Combinations for Cine Field & Modelling

‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’ says Keats. Beauty is an attribute as a gift of God. Can anybody say – a hard work will fetch you beauty? The word ‘luck’ will always be attached to those who are smart and charm. The bold and beautiful persons are always envied at. We think, they are the favourites of God. The astrologers will emphasize the role of luck through the fifth house in the horoscope. It may be the cause of their virtues (Punya) in their previous birth (Janma). It does denote an effortless task in life. 

The profession of actors is to exhibit a well-modulated voice, the ability to do different roles and different emotions flawlessly. Their histrionics do create a sensation in the minds of the onlookers, when they hit the Marquee. The trait of multiple roles in acting and their adoptability in social life is the result of Rahu and Ketu’s influence, because Rahu / ketu can be considered as a Mask.
The emotions rule over the roost in the life of the actors. They are constantly exposed under lights and camera. It is an unusual phenomenon attached only to the few in the filmdom. The full moon is the indicator of all this. The Sukla Paksha (Valar Pirai) is a sign of a person being swept under popularity.

The Sun, as a ruler, materializes the dreams into reality, around which other planets move. The strong Sun in the horoscope helps a man making a round in the filmy Boulevard. It does fetch him a hero worship status. His personality will gleam as the Sun.
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Venus (sukra) is the ruler of our dream personality. This planet is an embodiment of grace and charm. Our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations are the resultant Venus. The ability to attract others and be attracted will be possible under his spell. The strong Venus in the horoscope is imperative for the glam dolls.

The planet Mercury (Budha) represents intelligence, communication, analysis, the senses, business research and body flexibility. Those who have a strong mercury in their horoscope will get interested in doing dance moves.
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Mars defines good body structure and aggressive energy in human being. It provides a person with independent individuality and idealism. A well placed Mars makes a person strong in Military, Martial arts, athletics, police and fire department and surgeons. To take an action role in a movie needs strong Mars in a horoscope.

Jupiter represents lucky serendipities, blessings, optimism and prosperity. A well-placed Jupiter in a horoscope does assure a man of life of comfort, name and fame.

Role of planets in Cine Industry or Modelling Industry

The actors need a mass following and fan clubs. The consumers are influenced by the models - be it a spokes model or a brand ambassador. The planet Saturn showers such power. The lagna or Rasis such as Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aqurius and the stars of Venus (Barani, Pooram, Pooradam) will have the maximum advantages to take an entry into filmdom or ‘ad’ promotion. Organisers of the show, director or financier need the support of strong Jupitor. The camera and lighting need the influence of the Sun. Venus represents make-up and dresses. It includes ramp, print or television modelling. The publicity media is represented by the planet Mercury. Moon is an indicator of the character of a person. One who is ready to adjust with the environment and the work group can fit into the frame of glamour. If all the planets synchronize well with each other in a person’s horoscope, his success can be assured of.

Despite a well-placed Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter for Showbiz there are factors galore which will be obvious for the eyes of the Showbiz astrologers due to their research of the planetary positions in the horoscopes. They guide you to be an ideal actor or a perfect model if it is your choice.