Rich, Luxury and Comfort
in Astrology

“…. Yesterday is but
Today’s memory and tomorrow is
Today’s dream” – Khalil Gibran

 italy beach  Jean-Michael Consteau Resort – Fiji Luxury Bungalow Honey Moon Spot

Status Symbol

Do you have supreme dreams like attending an Oscar award show in Los Angeles, spending moments with your favourite heroes and heroines, a holiday getaway to Jean-Michael Consteau Resort – Fiji, elegant jewellery, cocktails, MC Laren F1 car, London’s Cornwall Terrace Palatial house, Kim Jones’ designer wear (for men), Donatella Versace’s designer wear (for women), Neeta Lulla’s saree collection, Black Berry Z10 mobile, Sony’s 56-inch 4K OLED TV, Barbara Barry’s interior decoration…. the list goes on. The dreamers will be the achievers. Our car sickness has replaced our home sickness. We are in the pursuit of comfort and luxury. Can we dream of our life without refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioners or microwave oven?

Dream Big

Is there any meaning in living a hermit-like life? Why should we say a strict no-no to material comfort as temporal? Our life on earth is to enjoy and celebrate. Epicurus says, ‘Eat, drink and be merry’. You are precious. Your each day is momentous. Dream big that is what they say. Who is your dream hero – an oil tycoon, a media mogul, a business magnet, a well-heeled businessman and V.I.P. or a multi-billionaire? If you say ‘yes’, here we find out whether you are lucky enough to be rich.

Money and its origin

Our present ‘money’ has its link with the past. The Mesopotamians used money in its past form for the transactions. It was represented as pressed round pieces silver with a hole in the middle or silver bars which had an official seal stamped on them. The other coins were Shequel (28 gm silver), Mine (0.5 kg silver) and Talent (30 gm silver) and etc. Hence is the worship of gold, a rare metal. Money is of course a man’s invention.

God of Money & Rich

Mammon   Lord Kubera Golden Calf
There is a reference to money in The Bible, as Mammon. He is the ‘God of excess’ and the very personification of the capitalist God. The Golden Calf is the symbol as ‘Gold opens all locks’.

Kubera is the Lord of Wealth in Hindu mythology. He is depicted as a fat man, adorned with jewels and carrying a money-pot or money-bag and a club. In Buddhism, he is worshipped as Vaishravana. He is known as Sarvanubhuti in Jainism. Lord Balaji of Thirumala Temple in India is worshiped for the riches as mentioned in Hindu scriptures.
Golden Calf Lord Balaji Thirumala temple

Celebrity Status

There is a prima facie wonderfulness ascribed to all celebrity figures which could influence youngsters to aim at becoming a celebrity. Theirs may be a roboted life though flamboyance attached to it. They are fettered every where and there is no privacy. Their minor error may be viewed as an embarrassing gaffe. There will be interviews criticizing them, as if the sky were down on earth. Their statements carry more weight than others. There are photo opportunities. They will always be in the lime light. Hence paparazzis and pressmen chase them for their opinion.

Planetary combinations for Rich People

The blessings of our present life, is the reflection of our past deeds in the previous birth. The fifth house mirrors our fortune in a horoscope. The strong fifth house assures you of sitting cosily in the lap of luxury.

‘Wrong means will never give right results’, they say. How your ancestors lived, the good deeds done by them, how they earned, these will affect the younger generation. The ninth house indicates about ancestors. The strong ninth house will bless you good things.

In a horoscope Tenth house is the indicator of Status and Pride – be it job, opulence, or social status.

The Sun in the horoscope is the basic indicator of a person’s energy in public life. This determines a man’s fitness for the challenges in career and personal relationships. The sun is the backbone and a basic indicator of major achievements of a person, name and fame.

Saturn as the ‘jewel of the solar system’ among astronomers is a slow moving huge planet. The richest, most hard-won rewards are the outcome of Saturn. The trials and tribulations of a man will end up being widely admired for what he has overcome. The strong Saturn bestows a man with great wealth and fame.

If the link between Saturn and Sun are good, a man will certainly enjoy a celebrity status. The houses Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius are imperative in indicating his prosperous condition.

In a man’s horoscope Saturn with Rahu/Ketu or Saturn with Retrograde planets or debilitated Saturn – send a green signal to be an elite in the society. You might get a financial wind fall, a new job, a promotion or any lucky break. Of course the retrograde planets help a man earning money aplenty.

Jupiter is the planet of societal principles – the beliefs, values, philosophies, culture, customs and Justice. In a horoscope Jupiter enlarges what it touches. The person tends to overdo things if he is strong. The horoscopes of bigwigs, do have a Weak Jupiter to do a balancing act. Achievers will break the boundaries, when Jupiter is debilitated, retrograded or with retrograde planets to earn a lot.

If there is a deep-seated desire to taste affluence in all its hues, despite hard work, analyse your horoscope with an expert astrologer and touch your dreams.