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Hindus believe that the cosmos have a role in the union of a couple under one roof. The marriages of the past were arranged within the family turf or between the known families unlike today. It is a life time affair and once happened nothing can separate except destiny. The whole savings of a father goes lavishly on this ceremony to make a happy home for his daughter.

Apart from Star Matching Calculation, we need to analyse Attraction mainly. Next we check the dasa predictions for Family Life whether they can live together. In case of Puthra dosha horoscopes we need to avoid the period which will affect the children's health.

:: Marriage Matching Astrology 

In a traditional Hindu set up, the elders are at liberty to take a major decision for fixing marriage. In their custom, the horoscopes are written as soon as the baby is born, based on the birth time and date. When the children reach a marriageable age, they inquire the neighbours of the prospective groom or bride. When they meet the expectations of the elders, they start analyzing the horoscopes under astrologer’s guidance. Their expectations may include the family background, reputations of their relatives, character of the person for whom the marriage is going to be fixed, qualification, career, the number of siblings, the property and many other factors.

::Star (Nakshathra) Matching

Since the Chandra indicates the mood and behaviour of a person, the first step on horoscope matching starts with the star analysis. The accurate birth time indicates the star of a person. The popular Ten Star Matchings (Pathu Porotham) include Dinan, Ganam, Mahendran, Sthree Deergam, Yoni, Rasi, Rasi Adipathi, Vasiyam, Rajju and Vedai Porutham. The other two aspects are Nadi and Varna. Out of Ten matching points Dinam, Ganam, Yoni, Rajju are imperative. The star of a girl is compared with the star of a boy and with the result score the decision is taken to proceed or not. Ref. Matching-Chart

:: Horoscopes are important

The horoscope analysis follows next. The experienced astrologer studies horoscopes of boy and girl separately. The studies include health, longevity, fortune, libido, attitude, likes and dislikes. Then he compares both horoscopes to find mutual trust, sexual compatibility and harmony. They are important to know whether the union will be a happy and lasting one.

::Dosha Matching in Horoscopes

The horoscopes of the prospective couples are examined to find out whether they carry the defects of any doshas such as Kuja (Chevvai) dosha, Sarpa (Naga) dosha, Kalathra dosha, Puthra dosha or  Pithru dosha. The compatibility of doshas are also important. The astrologer suggests how the doshas can be fructified. Doshas are unfavourable situations in our life which can hinder our progress. They are not created by our envious neighbours or relatives. They spring from our own deed, might be the aftermath of the sins and the concomitant curses of our previous birth.

:: Love Marriage in a Horoscope  

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged cupid painted blind ---- Shakespeare.
At the point of disclosing the fact of love on somebody, the parents may blame the boy or a girl and the neighbours point their fingers at the parents for not having reared them up properly. The blame game continues for long. Their horoscopes indicate the type of marriage they are going to have – be it traditionally arranged or love.
Venus and the fifth house from lagna in a horoscope send a signal of Love Marriage or Love failure. Hindus trust the incarnations or birth cycle. True Love indulgence never happen for all in the globe. We see intercaste and inter religious love. There must be a bond continues from the past life. The past link may be permanent or temporary. Studying the horoscope and dasa period of boy and girl will give the idea of longevity of their binding. The favourable dasa will chime a wedding bell for the lovers. Of course we know that ‘the course of true love never did run smooth.’ Read the article Love Marriage & Problems

::Male impotency & Barrenness in Woman

‘Babies are such a sweet and nice way to start people’ they say. How long the couples can see each other’s face enjoying life? There is an endless boredom and emptiness hang heavily upon them. The things seem to go pointlessly from one end to other. There is monotony. Till they explore into each other’s life, life holds a thrilling point. Next frustration catches them both. The same interest in the past, turns to hatred. It will multiple as days go by. If both boy and girl have troubles they could adjust. Total strangers cannot live long under one roof. The common interests will have no charm, unless the fruit of the union is restored. An expert astrologer could examine the Venus and Jupiter to prevent such problems in a couple’s life. He could identify the balancing horoscope.

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:: Divorce, Court Case  in a Horoscope

In the past, there was no freedom to walk out of wedlock, as they practice monogamy. It was unbreakable despite being unbearable. The doshas play a major role in the cause of Marital break. The running dasa period signals the marriage, on the rocks. Traditionally men are breadwinners of the family. The girls are expected to adjust the most. But nowadays both are earning. Both expect dignity. Read the article Modern Women

::Character Study in Horoscope

The expert astrologer could predict the client’s personality traits by reading the horoscope. The strength and the weaknesses are found out in the horoscope. The combative spirit is seen when planets are in Aries. The mercury in Gemini predicts of a curious personality. The strong sun, moon and Jupiter signify authority and leadership qualities in a person. The mood swings are due to a dissonant moon and mars.

:: Sexual Compatibility

Sexual attraction is the basic binding needed in a happy married life. With a nuptial tie alone a couple could never make 'a made for each other' husband and wife. They need a kind of magnetic pull in their horoscope, in which the attraction between the both is irresistible. It can only lead to a connubial bliss. If not, however hard others may try, their marriage will be a lackluster. Read the article Venus & Mars

:: Male Female Equality in society

An excellent woman manager works round the clock needs strong ‘Sun’ in her horoscope. With her presentation skills, she must be strong enough in getting into the good books of others. Such magnetism she gets with the planets ‘Rahu/Ketu’. It is ‘Saturn’, which could shower you with all the material prosper. If Saturn is strong in the horoscope of a woman, she earns a hefty sum as salary. Doshas make a woman to compete with men and get the social status.


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