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Modern Women in Astrology

  Indian women's hockey team captain Saba Anjum   Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games
Mulan in the garb of a man joined military service in the place of her father in China. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, was strong and powerful as a man. They are still hailed for bravery in history. In fact, the Indian society disapproved of a woman who moves about freely like men. She was subjected to humiliation for being tomboyish. In the public eye, it was unwomanly to go for work outside home. In their mindscape, it was a shame for their pedigree. The saying, ‘power corrupts man, an absolute power corrupts him absolutely’, would be applicable for a professional woman, they thought. With economic freedom, women could do about things on their own. Such power and autonomy could pose a threat to the traditional family set up and will change the status of woman in India.

Now the scenario has changed completely. They are doctors, entrepreneurs, politicians, writers and reporters. Men prefer only professionally qualified partners for marriage. Their expectations in the marriage bureau signify the importance of their intellectual and leadership skills rather than their traditional roles. There is a demand for bold and beautiful woman. Their personality should match their brain. Their ministerial guidance is the need of the hour and not her emotional articulacy.

Like Indian man, modern Indian woman exudes courage while multi-tasking with her colleagues. Her primary role is still motherhood, despite being stronger, wealthier and confident. Her feminine streak is not eclipsed under professional and monetary status. She ‘turns her cants into cans and her dreams into plans’.

Horoscopes of Modern Indian Women

Today woman excels in every phase of life. Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are the global icons. They encounter challenges on a daily basis. How do they cope with? To face the challenges, women need the strength of 'Mars' like men. They prove the axiom, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. An excellent woman manager works round the clock for the development of the company needs strong ‘Sun’ in her horoscope. With her presentation skills, she must be strong enough in getting into the good books of others. Such magnetism she gets with the planets ‘Rahu/Ketu’. It is ‘Saturn’, which could shower you with all the material prosper. If Saturn is strong in the horoscope of a woman, she earns a hefty sum as salary. Men need such planetary status to be well-placed and it is normally accepted. But for women, we feel a wee bit uncomfortable. Horoscopes will have a say on your career, attitude and even your personality.

The only thing that’s constant is ‘change’. But it is a pity that dosha horoscopes of women are still jettisoned out of misconception. Modernity hasn’t changed our approach to life. Tough person’s horoscopes have got certain doshas as kuja dosha, sarpa dosha or kalathra dosha. These doshas only will elevate WOMEN to socialise and multi-task. They help them earn more than men. Their career graph will soar high. In the past a docile home maker was the choice of the parents to run a family, since the bread winner was a man. Today both go for a job to lead a life of comfort. Sticking to the same age-old conventions of avoiding dosha horoscopes doesn’t fulfill the modern requirements. Hope to see a welcome change in the mindset to understand the role of a modern Indian woman.