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The need of Numerology in

Human Life

 “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced"– John Keats

The numbers and the human are inseparable. It starts its mystical powers like cosmos from his birth. The birth day, the wedding day, annual day… show that the days and dates play a crucial role in our life. The houses we live in, the bus we travel, the shoes we wear, the phone we use… can you imagine your life without a number? Most of the things in our life are identified with numbers. There are certain numbers augur well for some. It differs for every individual. The above mentioned is a standing testimony that how we are all bound under the spell of numbers. Don’t you want to know who you are? What you are and what is in store of you? Here an attempt is made to unravel the mystical relationship between the number and the human.

What is numerology?

Alchemy of reason and emotion is the texture of a man. His curiosity knows no bounds when he understands the external influences affect him throughout his life on earth. Numerology is one such study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influences on human.

What is in the Name and How to select a Lucky Name?

Entrepreneurs do put their heart and soul in their business. Efforts alone don’t fetch name and fame. They want to explore the impediments on their way. They think luck combined hard work will be rewarded. They do trust that a slight change in the name of the company or a person may be fruitful. Since it works out well in many cases, they are ready for an addition or omission of a single letter in the name. It is a kind of removing the stumbling blocks on their road to success. Name number is calculated from the corresponding numbers assigned for each letter below.
1 – A, I, J, Q, Y
2 – B, K, R
3 – C, G, L, S
4 – D, T, M
5 – E, H, N, X
6 – U, V, W
7 – O, Z
8 – F, P
The letters are written first. Next the value of the letters are added and reduced to a single digit and thus creating the name value.
(e.g.) YOGI – 1+7+3+1 = 12 = 3

How the Planets influence the numbers?

Numerology deals with nine major planets. Each number and the corresponding planet are given below.
1 – Sun
2 – Moon
3 – Jupiter
4 – Rahu
5 – Mercury
6 – Venus
7 – Ketu
8 – Saturn
9 – Mars

The outline of positive and negative characters of the numbers are given below:

1 – Independent, original but self centered
2 - Intuitive, diplomatic but dishonest
3 – Verbal, optimistic but moody
4 – Traditional, disciplined but boring
5 – Curious but rebellious
6 – Loving but suffocating
7 – Intuitive but Calculating
8 – Courageous but arrogant
9 – Idealistic yet impractical

How can we select Luck Numbers?

As soon as a baby is born, his date of birth is marked and celebrated year after year. It helps as our lucky numbers.

Eg. If a person is born on 03.12.1981
Then his Birth number is: 3
His Fate number is: 0+3+1+2+1+9+8+1 = 25 = 2+5 = 7

Birth number and Fate numbers are Lucky numbers for him. You should understand that your lucky numbers help you succeed in your life. The above chart shows the supporting numbers for your birth and fate numbers. You can check this by verifying the birth dates of your friends.

Numerology & Horoscope

Numerology speaks about the influence of a planet. If we want to know what the supporting planets are, for a person, we need to analyse birth time horoscope. In Vedic Astrology, by studying a horoscope, the lucky planets are identified. We can apply these lucky planet numbers for our usage.

Numerology & Vedic Astrology Dasa system

In Vedic astrology, our life span is divided into nine major periods called dasa system. Their orders are: Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. The birth star at the time of birth of a person decides which planet’s period starts first. The other dasa period follows in the above order. Every dasa period has a corresponding planet and its influences are experienced in that period. Suppose a person is running Jupiter Dasa, then he prefers orthodox. In that period number 3 plays a major role. He will not attend jobs which are not suited to Jupiter. Selecting Lucky numbers in that period should consider the Dasa lord’s position and link of the dasa lord to a particular number. Then only it will give success.

Combine Numerology & Vedic Astrology to Fix Lucky Names - Best Wishes

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