Mars Venus & Marriage

Venus & Mars

‘Beauty is only skin deep’, people say. A charismatic man casts a spell on a bewitchingly beautiful lass. It’s Nature’s alchemy. V-day celebrations are a cultural decay, according to the fanatics. It may be a commercial gimmick. Yet it is well-entrenched in the psyche of a chunk of youth. Nature’s magical pull will never last long, if there is no mental harmony. So only in the past they said, “Marriages are made in heaven”. Surprisingly now we explore how the happy union of a couple is the outcome of a planetary strength.

‘We are what we eat’, goes the saying. Similarly the planet do command our life and progress. Men are Macho. They stand for courage and physical energy. They indulge in daredevilry act. In their texture, there is a competitive streak. It is masculine to shoulder the responsibility.

As a leader, a man is dauntless in flexing his every muscle to prove his mettle. Reasoning is most imperative for him. He is aggressive and self-indulgent.

A woman perceives things emotionally. Cat walk and cosmetics sum her up. How to have a svelte figure, is pondered on by a girl. She wants to be graceful. It is feminine to attend fashion shows. Her talks are woven on recipes and cookery. Of course she is brilliant. Her texture is of one soft, maternal and an embodiment of sacrifice.

According to astrology, the planet Mars and Venus are crucial in the union of a couple. In a woman’s horoscope, the strong Mars will fetch her a brawny man holding his protective arm around her. Life will naturally be a roller coaster ride. Even petty quarrels will never disrupt the peace in their house. There is a lot of fun and frolic. The kids will spice up their life.

In a man’s horoscope, the strong Venus brings a charming wife. In the eyes of women, it is machismo for him to indulge in a drunken revelry. His fighting spirit has a magnetic charm, his wife gushes. His dare devilry is heroic. She will ultimately be a doting wife.

If both the planets are strong on a couple, their life will be heavenly. If they are weak, there will be constant misunderstanding between the couple. They seek the help of a middle man to settle their disputes. There is only repulsion and no attraction. Marital discord will be the result.

Are we all mere puppets in the hand of the planets? Fate or Astrologers – who will have a say on our life?