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“Sweet dreams, forms a shade
O’er my lovely infant’s head;
Sweet dreams of pleasant streams
Be happy, silent, moony beams.” - William Blake

Dream Analysis

Here we discuss of dreams during our slumber at night. Many may assume them as a mere reflections of mind. They are indeed mind–created phenomena. There are dreams galore which’ll be forgotten as soon as you wake up. Certain dreams will stay longer in you as a tattoo. You can’t cast them aside just as a casual affair. Can we compare them as of Satellite channels telecasting pictures? They evoke your reactions including crying, chasing, exercising, writing, speaking, fighting, cooking, arguing, …. It includes your tension during exam hall, or delayed interviews… Your mind gives a vent to external provocations as visual thoughts. They activate certain mental energies. You may be warned of an impending danger. The ancestral link may send such a warning signal. The deep, undisturbed sleep is nice and Shakespeare says,

‘O sleep! O gentle sleep! 
Nature’s soft nurse …. ‘

From the point of view of the poets, they get inspired in deep slumber. Wordsworth says, “Poetry is emotions recollected in transquility’. According to Shakespeare,

‘We are such stuff
As dreams are made on’

The strong desires may be exchanged between two persons as telepathic messages. We can’t simply ignore that our dreams are just residual energy of anxiety.

How to view dreams

Our dreams may be categorized as positive or negative. Oft-repeated dreams will certainly come true. The positive dreams such as rubbing shoulders with VIP’s stoke happy embers within. The dark signs may turn a man pensive. Those moments should be viewed from our analytical mind to face challenges as ‘God’s gift put man’s best dreams to shame’.

Animals and other species

Seeing a monkey in dream is a warning signal for troublesome situation in future. Ants denote a group activity which is tireless. The buzzing bees stand for productivity and your inner searching for a new dogma. The birds flying on the sky, denote a carefree life in your near future. The caged bird warns you against getting trapped. The buffalo is an embodiment of lazy, dull attitude of people around you. The butterflies show your inner passion for beauty and smartness to catch everybody’s attention. The cat denotes yourself being duped at in your waking life. The crows augur well, if you happily see them. It is your perception which decides the good or bad in your dream. Dogs are good but the barking dogs warn you against strangers. The elephants are positive energy within your unfurling. You will have a win-win situation. The swift mobility of the fish symbolize the busy activity ahead of you. The snakes express your repressed passion and emotion. If you kill them in dream you will be successful in life. If it bites you, you may get trapped by enemies.


Cradle a baby on your arms as a dream denotes an arrival of a baby in your home. The inner cravings for a change may vent through a smiling face of a new born. Your distrust in waking life finds an expression in the form of a dream.

Eating food and fruits

In dream you see yourself served in a plate with sumptuous meal with rice, you will attend a party. You will be successful in your endeavour. If you see, somebody eats and you are denied, you will never accept an offer. If you see you eat the meals, you get an opportunity like job, marriage or happier occasion according to the mood in dream. Eating in a dark room denotes an unhappy offer.
Bananas eaten in dream is not a good augury. The ripe red bananas stand for kids and marital life. If you are gifted with bananas you may give birth to kids. It stands for masculinity. The rotten fruits portend evil.


You see yourself set fire to rubbish pile on backyard in your dream signals you to reject unwanted thoughts in waking life. If the fire spreads to the distant house implies the fall of your enemy living away from you. The fire consumes you,  signals that you undergo spiritual transformation. It may represent your repressed anger in life. Your inner urge to get recognition may be expressed as fire.


Bus journey in dream denote your life journey in future. If you are single in a car, you are independent in your path. Going along with many shows your tendency not to break law. A change in your life is assured. It may be a new turning point, you have been waiting for.


If you are pregnant in your dream and you are unwed, is an indication of your liking to have a baby through marriage. The innocent part of your needs to take care of as a baby. Your happy mood represent your happy marital union. Babies stand for new gift, project or a turning point in life.

Rain and clothes

Getting drenched in rain is a positive sign if you enjoy. The shower stands for absolute happiness. The gusty wind along with it portends danger. The thunder and lightning watched sitting at the window is good. Find new dresses on your wardrobe in dreams assures you of celebrations at home and occasion compels you to purchase new clothing. The colour of them does have a role to play. The bright shades are a happier note. The dull represent the sorrow.

Reading and Writing

In your dream if you read a book, see what type of book is that. If it is spiritual, it is a religious calling. If you teach students, your position will elevate. It may be a signal from subconscious mind to read and qualify yourself for the post or exam.
Writing implies your anxiety to finish off your work left incomplete, be it an assignment, filing a petition in court or a counter or any paper work.

Temples or Place of worship

A person may get a constant dream of visiting temples. It may be a spiritual calling confirmed in his sleep. Irrespective of his religious belief, he may visit another’s place of worship in dream. It indicates his association with other community in the upcoming future.

Wedding Bells and Baby

In your dream, you see yourself sitting as a bride or groom in a wedding hall, your wedding is assured of. It may denote a business union, group project or a new relationship in the offing.

Well Water

The raising water in the well in which the water could easily be scooped off without the help of a rope, as if it were a water tank and if it were your dream, it suggests riches. The crystal clear water may be a tank full, denotes joy in abundance. The dirty water dream stands a symbol of unsurmountable sufferings.

Share Your Dreams

Our Dreams at times will predict unknown factors through familiar situations and characters. Avail them of their guidance, if you could watch and identify them very carefully.

Here is an opportunity in our blog, where you can share such similar experiences, if you have.