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Karma - Blessings & Curses of God

Brahma is the creator of the universe and of all beings,
Brahma - The creator of the Universe & all creatures 



We are born crying. As we grow, happiness is what we all seek for, what we long for. It is the undying quest of life. We know the hard truth that life without pleasure and enjoyment would be arid. Our pursuit for material pleasure makes us do comparative studies. Ultimately, we feel that we are inferior and our anger turns towards the creator. We want to excel in our every activity. If not, we regret and blame God for our misfortune. In the long run wisdom dawns upon us. We find disparity even among animals and birds. We are in awe at the mighty elephant. The roaring Lion intimidates us. There is a mixed emotion on vulnerable deer. The Pomeranians nestle cosily on the lap of the rich eating pedigree. The famished stray dogs roam around barking at the strangers. We are puzzled at the highs and lows of life.

Who is pulling the rope behind the curtain on stage during the puppet show? An attempt is made to unravel the mystery behind the suffering human.

Injustice of the Creator

Man is the supreme creation of God, they say. Then, why is there a gap between – the haves and havenots wider? Some will have a Midas touch and others a Fecalis. A very few participate in fashion parades as beauty queens while some are sighing with a heavy heart loathing their ugly face on mirror. Why on earth are we to empathise at Eunuch, hunch backed, lame legged, blind, deaf and dumb? We sing paeans of the medical advancement on heart surgery, kidney transplant, cancer treatment, sex reassignment surgery and embryo transfer.

‘The Marriages are made in heaven’, they say. So only a handful of women enjoy the marital bliss. The courts have to deal with the cases like domestic violence, dowry harassment, impotency, trans-gender, infertility and cheating based on hidden illness or wrong monetary status. The onslaught of divorce cases is hitting the roof, it seems. The Marital disputes will end up with parental separation which entails the custody of kids.

Creator justifies differences due to their Karma

Incarnation or Birth cycles are suggested in this theory – Karma. The present life is the result of good or bad things done in previous birth. If one enjoys life means he has done good things in previous life and one suffers means he has done bad things.

Sanskrit word Kri, to do – means action and the result of action. It may be physical, emotional and mental level. It determines the character of a man, his moral, physical, mental status, his talents, his likes and dislikes. It transmigrates from incarnation to incarnation.

There are three Karmas – Sanchita karma, Prarabdha karma and future karma. Sanchitha karma (Latent karma) in which past actions are waiting to react. The Prarabdha karma (active) is the result of the past deed and its reactions manifesting present circumstances. The present act triggers the future Karma. A Jeeva cannot attain moksha until the accumulated sanchitha karma are completely exhausted. The life is like a field in which our karma is the seed.

Karma is a moral law of cause and effect. The good will be rewarded and the sinners will be punished. If good or evil befalls you, it is because of something you did in your previous life. Moreover you may notice good people undergo innumerable sufferings, while evil minded encounter all comforts and luxury of life on earth. In fact, there is no such injustice as our human eyes perceive. Everybody gets what he deserves. According to Vedas ‘if one sows goodness, one will reap goodness; if one sows evil, one will reap evil’.

It is perfect. Not a wee bit more or less. Pleasure indulgence lead your life to an endless reincarnations. Moksha (heavenly abode) attainment should be our motto by abstinence, scriptures preach. If we can’t elevate to that status, at least be passive.

How to identify Karma’s Effects

Now the question popping in your mind is – What is my Karma? And how do I know it? Astrologers are the only persons help finding your problems by reading horoscopes. The sin committed in the past will be read out to you if your horoscope is exact. He will guide you how to rid of your sin doing remedial measures.

How to overcome Karma

All the birth in this earth is due to the sin. Basic theory of Karma is to accept and undergo the punishment of God. The same theory suggests us to earn credit for current and future life. Pilgrimaging, offering poojas to God, tonsuring head, impaling trident through tongue and feasting the poor are ways to curtail one’s sin to a degree. If you can’t spend so much on this, seek a remedy in your surrounding itself. Identify to whom you can help in your daily life. Not only man but all creatures in this world surely need support to some extent. There are birds, stray dogs, cows, cats and squirrels. Provide food and water. Watering the plants will also add benefits. Be useful to others.

How to create a positive aura?

"Keep your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind", says an optimist. The trail of your karma doesn't make a straight line. Like epidemic spreading unnoticed among animals and birds, it engulfs you from four quarters. It is a warning signal, once understood by the primitive to make a protective cocoon around himself. A modern man can create a positve aura around him by dispelling the negative vibes like cunningness or jealous which will suck him into the canyon of darkness. The hungry animals and birds in your surrounding may bring forth ill-luck to the community around. Please support them and prevent bad luck. The obstacles on the way to a successful business man can be removed easily by indulging in poverty alleviating acts. To be happy, create a happy climate.