Pilot and Astronaut - Astrology

“Be like the bird in flight…. Pausing a
While on boughs too slight, feels them
Give way beneath her, yet sings,
Knowing yet, that she has wings – Victor Hugo
aeroplane helicopter  helicopter

Isn’t it a wonderful sight watching the birds flying in the blue blanketed sky? The twist, glide, turn, soar, dive, …. in the sky are a visual delight that make us to desiderate to fly like them. Of course they defy gravity as they are designed for flight. Their light weight, wings and the tail allow them to hover in the sky. Flight is the ability, that charms and mesmerizes us about birds. The physical inability of human to levitate is made possible in his imagination. Our analytical mind is soaring high in its flight to touch the zenith of the sky while reading the horoscopes of the Pilots and the astronauts.

A magical carpet

A flying carpet is a legendary carpet used for transporting persons quickly to their destination. The literary traditions of several cultures feature this type of device for flight. Solomon’s carpet was made of green silk with a golden weft, 60 miles long and 60 miles wide. In Russian folk tales, a flying carpet like a ball rolls in front of the hero showing the way that can turn into a bridge. In Mark Twain’s captain Stormfield’s visit to Heaven, magic wishing-carpets are used to travel throughout Heaven.

Vimana in Sanskrit Epics

Vimana is a word which includes a wide range of meanings such as temple, palace and mythological flying machines. There are such references of them being used in warfare. There are descriptions of vimanas of various shapes and sizes in the Vedas and Indian litereature. In the Vedas, the Sun and Indra, the vedica deities were transported by flying wheeled chariots pulled by horses. In the Ramayana, the demon-lord Ravana’s flying palace was called as Pushpaka.

History of the airplane and flight

Glider Pilots Bird and Plane
Thousands of years ago the Chinese used kites that were used for transportation, informing and celebration. Later some had jumped off towers and cathedrals to try and fly. In 852 AD, Armen Firman jumped off a tower in Cardoba, Spain wearing a cloak which function like a parachute. Many tried to attach feathers to themselves to fly like a bird. The flying machines that flapped like birds were named as ornithopers. In 1783, the Mongolfier brothers used their hot air balloon to send a duck, rooster and sheep. The inventors used rigid wings for a flight named as a glider. In 1903 Oliver and Wilbur Wright invented a flying device under the control of an engine was named as an airplane, which is a heavier-than-air engine. The Paris edition of the Herald Tribune carried an article on the Wright brothers with the headline “Flyers or Liars?”. In February 1908, the Wrights signed a contract for the sale of an airplane to the US army.

The word helicopter was coined by Gustave de Ponton d’ Amecourt, a French inventor in 1861. In 1924 Frenchman Etienne Oehmichen set the first helicopter world record. The helicopter can be defined as any flying machine using rotating wings to provide lift, propulsion and control forces that enable the aircraft to hover to the ground with no to-and-fro move like a hummingbird or dragonfly. Jets, helicopters and airplanes are a very important invention for globalization and industrial progress in the world. Wealthy people have their personal jets and helicopters for moving around places.

The role of an airplane Pilot

An aviator is a person involved in flying an aircraft. A pilot is an aviator who directly controls the aircraft. It takes a lot of training to get licensed to fly the aircraft, let alone get hired by a major airline. He has a tremendous amount of responsibility and must make critical decisions in seconds. His job description is to safely fly an airliner, but a pilot does much more like using computer to check weather, and communicating with the FAA and the company. He may work long hours and strange shifts, often being away from home for several days.

The commercial Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter pilot does a variety of flying jobs as aerial photography, aerial advertising, sight seeing, geological survey, fish and game census, highway patrol or checking federal airways and navigational aids. He may fly on a regular schedule carrying workers and supplies to offshore oil rigs or fly accident victims to a hospital heliport, lift heavy loads to tops of buildings or to remote mountain sites, rescue people stranded by floods, carry smoke jumpers to fight forest fires or deliver Santa Claus to shopping centre parking lots.

The Blue Angels

It is the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. It was formed in 1946 and its six demonstration pilots fly the F/A-18 Hornet in more than 70 shows at 34 locations, where they employ multi techniques as aerial displays to entice the public to aviation. They perform a both military and civilian airfields.

Military Pilots

War Plane War Plane War Plane They fly with the armed forces of a government or nation-state. Their tasks include combat and non-combat operations. They undergo a specialized training often with weapons and called as fighter pilots, bomber pilots, transport pilots, UAV pilots, test pilots and astronauts. For government personnel, they serve as flight crews on aircraft.

Astronaut or Cosmonaut

 Moon Moon nasa astronaut nasa astronaut
Astronaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a space craft. The scientists, politicians, journalists and tourists who travels into space apart from the professional space travelers are also included in the list of astronauts.

Planetary Combinations for a Pilot

‘There is no flying without wings’, they say. The pilots take a special joy in flying and helps people savour the journey in the sky. But they are the guardians of the safety of those they take along with them. In this process they live constantly under restlessness and anxiety. The planets Raghu and Moon combinations are a primary deciding factor in a horoscope for a flight in air. Mars signifies an Oak like mental strength and an instant decision-making skills. These are the prime attributes necessary be acquired by the pilots, for a gutsy risk-taking moments to which they are often exposed at their professional front.