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Astrology for Cricket

“In play there are two pleasures for Your choosing –
The one is winning, and the other Losing.” -  Lord Byron

Cricket Stadium Cricket
Cricket Cricket

Leisure Management

Fishing, knitting, watching TV, reading or lying on the beach – which would be ideal for your leisure hours? Is there any role for your body? Hence they suit for a sedentary lifestyle. Go in for cycling, jogging, swimming or physical exercises. Isn’t there a miraculous difference they make in your daily life? Of course they are the stress busters. Everybody is in awe at your toned muscles and excellent shape. Join us in unraveling the mystery behind sports.

The functions of sports

‘A sound mind in a sound body’ was the motto of the Ancient Greeks. The future success of a nation depends on youngsters. They need Athletics for moral and intellectual growth. The sickness and tiredness are at bay for those who exercise. Team spirit grows while playing team sports. Discipline, dedication and self-confidence are inculcated in a player at the field. A sports man knows how to view defeats and failures equally.

An insight into the origin of sports

The word sports is a contracted form of ‘disport’ which means to amuse, to divert one’s self It includes play, amusement, entertainments or outdoor recreation. In Homer’s Iliad, there is a reference to funeral games held in honour of deceased warriors. There is also a mention of the noble and wealthy being engaged in sport. In the Odyssey, the King Odysseus of Ithaca showed his proficiency in throwing Javelin. In 776 BC in Olympia, the first Olympic Games started its journey and continued till 393 AD. The sports hurling in Ireland, harpastum (rugby) in Rome, Cujo (football) in China and Polo in Persia, had their origin in two and a half thousand years old. The cave paintings in Mangolia show a wrestling match surrounded by crowds. The prehistoric cave paintings in Japan depict a sport similar to Sumo wrestling.

Team sports

The team sports are an invention of Western culture. Due to European colonialism there is a widespread of games around the world viz., cricket, football, bowling, cue sports (snooker, carom, billiards and pool) hockey, equestrian, tennis and winter sports. The popularity of sports furthered with the advent of Mass Media. Mass Production has given a more space for indulging in sports activity.

History of Cricket

The aristocrats of England started playing cricket in ‘a gentle manly manner’, which means no type of cheating on the field. Though it appeared in the 13th century, it gained its popularity from the 17th century to the present day. The word ‘cricket’ has its origin of Dutch.

The planetary combinations of Cricketers

The cricketers need to be an indefatigable industry on the field for its prolonged act. Both mind and body should be alert in winning scores. If the mind is on loose, the collapse of the team is certain. How could they get such concentration and energy?

In a horoscope, the energy of a person is judged by the Third House. The game spirit is judged by the Fifth House. Both houses are important for any physical sports.

The eyes of the astrologers fall on the planet Mars for sports. Mars is a builder, dynamic, mobile and enthusiastic. He enhances a fighting spirit physically on the playing field, with the same spirit on a battlefield. The strong Mars transform people to engage in quarrels. It helps them in a game as a team.

Rahu is the symbol of demon snake. Mars along with Rahu will give a tremendous energy and it creates players with excellent power.

Jupiter gives a systematic, controlled spirit to play by abiding the rules. The sportive spirit is also due to Jupiter.

Saturn plays a major role for the group activities. This will give the 'team spirit'.

The zodiac sign Sagittarius denotes warrior-like attitude and the planets in this signs are important for the cricketers.