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:: Vedic Astrologer

Astrologer Yogi Astrologer Yogi - practicing more than 15 years. He Applies Vedic & Western Astrology Techniques. He has done Thousands of Case Studies. His Marriage Matching Techniques are Excellent. He is conducting Astrology Classes thro SAI INSTITUTE OF ASTROLOGY Practising Numerology. Vaasthu & Feng-sui consultations.

:: Marriage Astrology

Thirumangalyam The compatibility of a couple is imperative for fixing a marriage. Though the boy's and girl's stars are compared at first, horoscope analysis will be beneficial and spookily accurate. Kuja dhosha, Sarpa dosha are to be carefully studied first. Strength of planets, current dasa bukthi strength and sexual compatibility are important.


:: Astrology Reference Books

Astrology Books Brihat Jataka, Varahimira, JathakaChandrika, Kalidasa, Brihu Samhida, Bala deepika, Mandreswar, Jathaka alankaram, Sthri Jathaka, Pulippani, Kumaara swamiyam, Books of BV Raman, Principles of Astrology by KP, Kudumba Jothidam by LIFCO

:: Marriage Delays

Thiruvidanthai Perumal Delays are due to kochara defects or Doshas such as Kuja (Chevvai) dosha, Sarpa dosha, Pithru dosha, Kalathra doshas. By paying visits to the holy temples like Thirumanancheri (kumbakonam), Thiruvidanthai (mahabalipuram) will give benefits.


Yagna In our Hindu custom, Devatas are sought through prayer to Agni pooja called "Yagna or Homam". It works as a connect to a particular Devata by chanting a particular manthra. The ritual offerings are Samit & Ghee. Ultimately Sarees & pooja objects are added to the full grown agni.

:: Star Matching or Natchathra Porutham

Love Star Matching is the basic method in which birth stars of girl and boy are compared. Pathu Porutham (Ten matching points) are given like - Thinam, Ganam, Mahendram, Sthree deergam, Yoni, Rajju, Vedai. Ready made charts are now available for this type of comparison.
Star Matching Chart

:: Dosha & Curses

 In Hindu theory Rebirth is due to the Karma of Previous birth. Punishments are sure and it will be on next Janma. Important Doshas are kuja dosha, Sarpa dosha, kalathra dosha, pithru dosha, sthree dosha, kanya dosha, etc.  These doshas indicates what type of punishment and for what it is assigned.

:: Dosha Parihara Temples

Parihara/KarmaRemidial holy temples are: kuja dosha - Vaideeswaran Koil, Sarpa dosha - Kalahasti, Thiru nageswaram, pithru dosha - Rameswaram, Kalathra dosha - thirupanjali (plantain trees pooja).

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:: Rahu Ketu Dosha

NagaAn extreme personalities are the outcome as Rahu  magnifies portraits when Ketu eclipses them. It is a cosmic reflection of our sin. We name it as Rahu ketu dosha or Sarpa Dosha or Naga dosha or Kala sarpa dosha. The negative effects can be lessened with the proper remedial measures. Read more Astrologer

:: Dream Forecast

Sleeping Baby Dreams are the waves in your mind sending a signal to be happy on a positive note or caution you to be on your guard. The unresolved problems that disturb you in your waking life, the fear entrenched in sub-conscious mind, the inner unfulfilled desires may find a route to express in the form as said by Freud's theory. The pious will get intuition.
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:: Muhurtham - Lucky Day

Marriage All of us long for our happy moments to be stretched to the maximum - be it a bridal seeing, wedding, sealing a contract, project, a long journey, business, building or purchasing a house, etc... Hence it is a must to find out whether the day is auspicious or not. Our endeavour is always focussed at success and nothing else. Here success is assured of if you pick and choose the appropriate time. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Cinema, Modelling

Hollywood Here you have a vivid images of glitz, glamour and fame. It is the best profession preferred by the youth. A very few job profiles could raise your status, name and fame across the boundaries. Do you want to work under the proverbial limelight? Have you been waiting for long to make a break in Tinseltown? Are you charismatic like Naida, Nereida or Elen? Do you feel proud of your brawny physique?  Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Cricket

Cricket Stadium 'Rip off your shirt after whipping your abs into shape', says the top sports pundits. No obesity crisis. No need for gym. Enjoy your journey from scrawny to brawny. Team spirit, health, confidence, decision making and mental strength are built up if you are inclined to. It is not a blurb to whet your appetite, but a…. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Rich Horoscopes

Gold Coins ‘Gold were as good as twenty orators’, says William Shakespeare. The word ‘gold’ has a charm riveting all around the globe - be it women or men and the poor or the rich. Why do you jettison the desire of wealth as avarice? Here you find out the astrological marvels behind the horoscopes of the rich.  Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Judges

Court Life of human on earth is precious and meant for ‘joy’. Our intention to be happier is intervened by various factors such as theft, murder, marital discord, cheating, eve-teasing, defamation and ….. how can we touch a blissful state? They send us to a stressful condition in which we feel “life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing”. Here is a place where you seek a solace and get a new lease of life… a Lord Justice is waiting to have his say in a just way. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Doctors and Surgeons

Medical A hale and healthy thinks of his life on earth is for enjoyment. It is human to explore joy of heaven in its variety on earth. On his pursuit, he rejects the warning signals sent as a caution to take care of health, which is a primary source of happiness. A headache makes us think of our body which is uncared for long. Next our eyes turn to thank doctors, heaven-sent healers for our safety. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Sailers, Swimmers

Skating The widespread sea creates an awe in the mind of all of us. The poets get inspired. Youth enjoy life. Children spread a joy in playing around. The air is full of mirth, mystery and wonder. There is a soulful plea, we feel, to have a ride in the waters. The rise and fall of waves are Nature’s music and a sight to behold when they touch our feet. The sea transports us to forget our presence to linger in the world of the swimmers. Though it seems to be easy, a tough training must have made them feel so light.  Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Pilots

Pilots The flying birds are a man’s envy. The free spirit with which they move around every where make us feel ‘light’ at heart. They kindle the inner fire of a man to be carefree flying in the sky. The inquisitiveness in watching and knowing of birds, result in the invention of airplane. The desire to explore the space, deeply gets into the skin gives way for astronauts. Though they defy the cosmos let us read which astrological nuances help them in their pursuit for touching the space. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Singers & Pop Singers

Musician MS Subbulakshmi Here is a language which never discriminates the learned from the unlettered, the champion from the loser. On its journey to transform the angry, proud and arrogant side of human, it takes a rainbow hue. It crosses the boundary in unifying the souls of all under one umbrella term ‘music’ – be it Pop, Bhangra, Carnatic, Hindustani or Ghazal. Be proud to be a singer. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Dancers

Ballet Dance With agile, swift move the ballerinas play a magic on stage gradually catching the eyeballs of the viewers to feel the oneness with the dance. The dancers exude a kind of charisma with which they leave a pleasant trail having a lasting impact on our minds. Is it so easy to forget it and involve in other acts? The planets play a crucial role in the physical, mental make-up of the dancers, say the astrologers. Read more Astrologer

::Astrology-Painters, Sculptors, Tattooists

Body Tattoo How can we feel the heaven on earth? Visit Ajanta, Ellora caves – the 17th century architectural marvels in Aurangabad. Have your eye-candy watching Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s creation of Adam, Triumph of Galatea by Raphael or Don Quixote by Pablo Picasso. The great paintings challenge us to penetrate their mysteries and to appreciate their riches. The stunning tattoos – three eyed owl, Medusa, Starfish, Akuma .... are a real visual delight. Explore them in detail here. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Politicians

Ronald Reagon We communicate in various ways. Eyes, lips, face, hands and body play a vital role in expressing the thoughts in the mind despite the verbal gushing. In a group of people, we see a variety like jovial, irksome, boring, practical…. Talk what you think and watch how others run away from you. Speak what others like, definitely you steal the hearts of all. How could the politicians bring a huge gathering under their spell? Are they all gifted with the speech act? Read more Astrologer

::Astrology - Chef

South Indian Dish ‘A hungry man is an angry man’, they say. Hence is the need of food for all the living. There is an immense pleasure in giving food, as it is a part of life-saving process. The festive occasions always carry a sumptuous banquet to warm up our taste buds with some hand picked delicacies for the a-la-carte menu such as kulcha, palak paneer, aloo gobi and many more. They are rich and redolent with the flavour of spices sourced from Kashmir-saffron, aniseed, dry ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Which do you prefer – a-la-carte or table-d’-hote? The mouth-watering Kashimiri delights will truly leave you asking for more. Get ready to pamper your taste buds with the most aromatic delights. Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Fashion Designers

Fashion Parade Fashion is a part of our daily life. It depends on the weather or seasons. It makes our life colourful and changes our life with the time. Our personality finds its expression through fashion and we can express others that how we feel about ourselves. The designers are the brains of hitting the new fashion style. They have their own identity in creating their own style of fashion. The latest trends start their initiation through the models and celebrities. We imitate it to bring a new makeover on our personality. Hence is the importance of creating a new line of fashion trends to keep our identity. Read more Astrologer

::Astrology - Interior Designers

Interior Designs Can you ever think of changing a dark, gloomy or grumpy basement into a nice one? With the right light, colours and attention to detail, it is possible say, the designers. The colours increase a man’s productivity, concentration and motivation, says Alison Goldman. Blue can be calming, but green is rejuvenating. Yellow is cheerful. Which style do you prefer – relaxed and casual or sophisticated and chic? Read more Astrologer

:: Astrology - Writers

Salman Rushdie The sun, moon, clouds, rainbow, flowers, birds, animals…. are seen by all but a few will get inspired to write a work of art on them. How could they get such a power to make us forget the reality to indulge in their artificial world? Though it is unreal, there is a real magic in their creation. What is it? imagination. Is it so easy to acquire? The muses are invoked to acquire the spark. Read more Astrologer