Modern Worship

Tirupathi Balaji Tirupathi Balaji

Are you fed up with the long queue in a popular temple and the Special VIP Darshan arrangement? Here we will discuss the darshan methods.

Darshan Methods:

There are 5,000 special darshan tickets to VIPs visiting the hill temple for darshan of Lord Venkateswara. A free darshan queue is on one side and a special ticket queue is on the other. This ‘tatkal’ approach on worship is being justified from the point of spiritual tourists. This is seen during Vaikunta Ekadasi in Srirangam Ranganathar temple and Parthasarathy temple. Chittirai and Kallazhagar festivals experience the same in Madurai. In Pazhani temple during Thaipoosam and in Tiruchendur on ‘Soora Samharam’ festival such offers are given. 

Importance of Worshipping in Temples

God is seen both in pillar and in the dust particle. But how many are fortunate enough to feel His presence? Temples carry waves, which could pacify our troubled souls, due to ‘Avaganam’ i.e. an act of asking God to sit. The irony is to feel Him in Sanctum Sanctorum with just a few thousand notes instead of chanting ‘manthras’, singing hymns or offerings for a period of time. It is like taking a horse to a pond.

How to get a Real Darshan?

A temple is not a tourist spot. It is a place where we get divine blessings. Bakthi is important before visiting a temple.

Bhagavat Gita says, “Those who worship Me, renouncing all actions in Me, regarding Me as the Supreme God, meditating on Me with single minded devotion…”

Kavadi Sabarimala Darshan Angapradakshinam

Prayer and fasting help generating bakthi as well as a positive vibration. They purify the body, mind and soul. Before visiting a temple, chant the namavali of God as many times as possible. Eg. Chant 1008 times ‘Om Namo Narayana’ or ‘Govinda’ before visiting Tirupathi temple. Follow Vratha (fasting and gaining self control) for a few days. This will help you focus your attention. If it is a Hill temple try to use stairs. While climbing, chant the namavali. God will definitely give you real darshan, even if you happen to see His Karpa Graha for a fraction of a second. So, climbing the hill, waiting in a long queue will give you time to chant more and sure to get His blessings.

Molaipari Pookuli Saduragiri

Role of Money on Spiritual journey:

There are VIPs who have very short time, but they want divine blessings. Temples offer them, special darshans by collecting huge money. But bakthi is required to get His blessings. Before God all are equal. Without bakthi, money and status will never help open the eyes of God.