It is ingrained in everyone of us to peep into our future, before stepping on the threshold. It is of course a new augury which greets us to cheer and celebrate. No harm in your inquisitiveness in knowing what is ahead of you. My intention as an astrologer is not to intimidate you with all the pessimistic views in life. It is a word of assurance, a word of caution or may be a pat on your shoulder to move ahead with confidence at the time of crisis. Here is a general prediction for your 12 months. You can have your staggeringly accurate horoscope forecast by contacting me personally. I analyse your horoscope by giving individual attention. The planetary moves will have a control over your every act in family turf, career, kids, finance, health and other nuances. Clarity is yours when you go out of my portal. Best wishes.


Aries You have proven to many that you are capable of doing things of wonder. Everybody wants to take advantage over you. Rise from your slumber. ‘All lay loads on willing horse’, is your message.


Taurus Your ambition lands on an oasis. There are opportunities galore. The cosmos sing your favourite song. Are you ready to dance according to the tune. Your forecast is, ‘Those who want to sing will always find a song’.



Gemini For long you have been through thick and thin. A time now awaits you to apply the skills gained to launch a project. The initial hiccups to be circumvented. The adage, ‘God sends experience to paint men’s portraits’, sums up your future.


Cancer There are celebrations at your home turf. You feel very light at heart as if flying high on the sky. Be with a nice company to uptick your happy moments. ‘Shared joy is double joy’, defines your life.

:: LEO

LEO Sluggishly the long hard phase in your life has atlast landed on a smooth terrain. With a sigh of relief, be ready for a new turning point. The more quick you adopt, the less trouble you feel at heart. Your forecast is ‘Pain is forgotten, when grain comes’.


Virgo Waiting with bated breath to see a light of the day. No regrets like, ‘will there be any impediments on my way to progress?’ It proves to be a roller coaster ride. ‘What might not happen in a year might happen in an instant’, is a message sent.


Libra Your name is synonymous with ‘Gentility’. Attract everybody with your generosity and charm. You sweet talk to steal the hearts of all around you. ‘Being too nice can cost a lot’, sums you up.


Scorpio You weathered a troubled patch in the past. Long you have been lingering on that unable to cope with it. Wend your way through the crowd of problems, as they are not new for you. ‘Don’t’ fear a stain that disappears with water’, assures you of your future.


Sagitarius Don’t boss around when you are amidst a group project. Pay attention to what other’s say is important. The wise always have a listening ear. Later your voice will be heard unknowingly. ‘Better to bend than to break’, is an advice sent.


Capricorn Untrodden paths always trigger a chill down your spine. Dare devilry acts are for the brave hearts. They may fetch fruits ultimately. The choice is yours. Your message is ‘solved riddles look easy’.


Aquarius Entrepreneurs have the liberty to lie in the name of gimmicks like ‘buy one, get one free’. In the field of commerce puffery is no harm as it promotes sales. The customer’s duty is to cherry pick the articles. ‘A gentle word opens an iron gate’, predicts your future ahead of you.


Pisces When there is a disappointment you never try to seek, adopt or change alternative ways to attain what you want. The choices are aplenty at your doorstep for your beck and call. The only thing is how soon you are going to take it. ‘A smile is worth a thousand words’ is a lesson sent. The SEO King
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