Jupiter Transit - 2014

Jupiter is a 100% benefic planet. Jupiter saves us at difficult times. So in Vedic Astrology we welcome Jupiter Transit as a Good Sign to improve our life. Jupiter’s aspects are good. In this transit (19th June 2014) Jupiter moves to Cancer sign and it aspects Scorpio and Pisces, giving them all benefits.

Some consider this transit will disturb the signs Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. I see it from a different angle.

Jupiter transit gives you only benefits that need not be directly, sometimes through your family members like parents, siblings, wife, children, etc.


There will be benefits through properties. Good period for siblings and life partner.


You can enter into new ventures. Good period for siblings, maternal uncle.


There will be improvements in financial matters. Good period for Children.


There will be benefits through properties. Good for parents.


You will get good support from Siblings.


You can expect all types of improvements. Good time for marriage of your children.


You will reach a good status. Good for life partner.


This transit is good from all aspects. You can get foreign travel or job opportunities.


You will get benefits from properties. Good for your life partner.


It is good for marital life.


You can get reconciliation in disputes. Improvement for children is assured of.


You get all the benefits now. Good time for your children.