Warm greetings.

We often peep into a mirror to know how we look like. Never ever think of squelching our appetite to notice the minute changes, we make, in every minute. It is with such a kind of curiosity, you may turn your head to the astrological forecast for the year 2015.
Here is a light house showering you with confidence in the face of a challenging moment, giving hope at the time of low spirits, advising you of at a crucial hour and guiding you like a friend. Yes, feel fresh and welcome the Sun with a new perspective. Breathe a festive air and watch the marching moon in the dark sky. They chime the bell and say,
‘The birds of hope are everywhere,
Listen to them sing.’


Aries Watch the weather data. Have you noticed any changes in the hour graph? A single image, which captures a wave-like disturbance from the outside and be happy that it doesn’t have any connection to the home front. Say ‘yes’ to the ‘moneybags’ and of course remember that they are not earned of very easy.
A nugget of hope for you: If winter comes, can spring be far behind.


Taurus There is an awesome treasure hunt. It is not as easy as of to grab it for it is under a demon’s custody. Will there be any chances to befriend the demon? Does he help you have the treasure? Or is there any way to get into a new relation? The answers will soon hit your portal as you move on.
A fact for you: A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.



Gemini Do you run Marathon for a good cause? Find out, how many are following you to raise money. Learn to address the public. Make a to-do list and discuss on the rules to be followed, during the journey. Yes, there are many more things to attend to. It is time to wave good-bye to laziness.
A suggestion for you: Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.


Cancer ‘Eat, drink and be merry’ for the occasion asks you to be part of a special moment in your life. Wear a smile, though you feel like hide yourself for a while from the scene due to tiredness. Exchange pleasantries and enjoy every bit of, while ‘meeting and greeting’ others. A new phase teaches you of what is life.
A thought for you: If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy.

:: LEO

LEO There are many pages in the book of life. It is quite interesting to know of what follows the next. At times you need to revisit the old or re-read the pages, which help you to continue your journey. Shake your hands with friends and say ‘hello’ to the new faces as part of a family.
A choice for you: A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.


Virgo A flower garden winks at you with bright flowers. The air showers you with happiness, courage and an assurance of health. A new chapter opens up a ladder which lifts you up on the victory stand. Learn to be humble in times of glory. Don’t forget the roots and respect them, if time permits.
A jigger of advice for you: One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.


Libra Find out which would be ideal for today’s world – old wine in new bottles or new wine in old bottles? It is in your hands to choose the best between the two. See to it that it should mirror your inner vision. Be creative and mesmerize others with a magic, like a rainbow in the eyes of the on-lookers.
A clue for you: Stars can’t shine without darkness.


Scorpio Questions carry doubts with them and they grow tense, till they are left without a reply. You are being struck dumb for long. Release the button ‘mute’. Let your voice be echoed from all the four corners. Yes, catch your dream-come-true moment. Take the keys and solve the puzzles.
A message for you: Fences are made for those who cannot fly.


Sagitarius The sizes of the waves help us know of the changes that take place deep under the sea. Your words will say, what disturbs you from within. Will there be any room for welcoming a new dawn? Or do you let yourself be swept away by the tidal wave? Things will never go against your wishes and be ready for.
A lesson for you: When the root is deep. .. there is no reason to fear the wind.


Capricorn You reel under pressure on seeing, how the doors are being shut on you. A big question is, whether they happen naturally or a plot of somebody behind the curtain. Any other way left untried so far? Patience is the need of the hour. Yes, a door catches you soon to welcome you with three cheers.
Good news for you: You can only come to the morning through the shadows.


Aquarius Untie the knots one after the other, when you see them in other’s world. You can’t do the job peacefully, if they seem to disturb your world. Seeking an escape route would never help solve an issue. How long can you postpone without paying much attention to? Have the boldness to stay where you are.
A word of comfort for you: A man of courage never wants weapons.


Pisces You feel as if you were being flown and teleported to a different terrain. The difference lies in the gap between what you see and what you expect of from the world. How can you step down and delete the things, you have ticked off in your wish list? Don’t think of relaxing the rules, you have, for other’s sake.
A word of caution for you: For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.

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