Love Forecast - 2015

Valetines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Can you hear cupid’s call? It is February. The bell chimes and makes you forget your ambience. Yes, the fluttering heart and feelings of Euphoria will say how passionate you are.

The spectrum of love may take many avatars like Platonic, Romantic or Divine. Will the tussle between brain and heart find refuge in a marital bond? Will the fire in heart bring peace to mind? Explore the influence of cosmos in your love life, if you are waiting for a lasting relationship.



Aries Do you want to experience a kind of fairy-tale relationship? Learn to see the positive side of your partner, for you can’t expect a person to be as perfect as you dream of. There are faults and issues to be dealt with. Say ‘no’ to disappointment and enjoy each other’s company. ‘Every man forges his own destiny’.


Taurus It is the maturity which differentiates you from your partner. Is it easy to give up your individuality to strengthen the bond? There is nothing wrong, when you give weight to your own needs. Find a middle ground where there is a sense of togetherness and it works wonders. ‘A dressed up lie is worth more than a badly told truth’.



Gemini Offer love and affection to yourself, when you need it. It is true, though it seems to be funny. You can’t demand love and intimacy just because you are living under the same roof with your partner. Yet cupid will strike you soon and have the real ‘juice’ of intimacy. ‘Rain before seven, fine before eleven’.


Cancer Address an old issue which has been uncared for long. It helps you understand why you keep arguing over the same issue and how it upsets your little bubble of romance. Go for a picnic and share new experiences. Yes, find your love life in a different climate. ‘A smiling face is half the meal’.

:: LEO

LEO Growing old together as a couple is indeed a blessing in life. Neither chains nor threads can sew them together through years. Share your smiles and tears as a kind of ‘glue’ for sticking yourself on to your partner till the end. Go beyond ‘happily ever after’ to discover and define the meaning of real joy. ‘A good beginning ensures a good ending’.


Vigo Speak from your heart. The openness with which you express will extend a mutual respect and trust. Yes, you can’t solve relationship crisis over night. Listen to your partner and say ‘no’ to what you have heard of from somebody. It proves to be fruitful. ‘A contented mind is a continual feast’.


Libra Be clear about what you want to achieve. Your definite purposes in mind will create a way for your journey. Leave the fear factor if there is any for it may prevent you from choosing your objective. Say three cheers to all the trials and difficulties to write success in a unique way. ‘A nobody to-day, a prince to-morrow’.


Scorpio Change your picture and rewrite your story. Your emotions have breaking points. You need to be focused on and live your dreams. Be a winner. You do not need to climb a mountain. Define your future clearly. An excellent time winks at you to catch attention. ‘A word is sufficient for the wise’.


Sagitarius Step back and say ‘just relax’ to yourself, when life gets hectic. Spend time together with your partner watching a favourite program on TV. See the difference it makes in your life. Yes, communication would keep the spark alive. Let the spark go from strong flames to embers. ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’.


Capricorn A journey doesn’t make any sense, if there is no barrier to stop you from taking the next step. The barrier is a barrier, be it small or big. Will it steal so much energy and time from you? Or do you want to look for the ways to climb it? Be smart and add spice to your life. ‘The ready back gets all the loads’.


Aquarius You can’t have inner peace just by blaming each other. Rise above the situation and observe what happens around you. Be ready to learn from the situation without letting your ego to play spoilsport. Heal and transform and don’t suppress or ignore. ‘A suspicious mind sees everything on the dark side’.


Pisces Get out of your comfort zone and go for change for your expectations won’t allow you to be happier in life. Do something out of the ordinary. Surprises indeed will make an unforgettable moment in life. Break the monotony with a small gesture of love. ‘A triple rope is not easily broken’.

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